Quick Note - Not to be Swept Under the Rug

A quick note and shout out to the venerable +Mark Van Vlack of Dust_Pan_Games for hitting his hundreth post! Congratulations man and may the next year feature another hundred great posts.

Mark's blog started shortly before mine and it is a go to for me on a weekly basis (or whenever I catch the notification). Mark tends to muse on the community, the game and the ways in which we as gamers play and manipulate the game. Often witty he deserves a lot of credit from me when I almos tthrew in the towel earlier this year. Nothing direct, but just some great posts that seemed to punch me in face, tell me to man up and get back to blogging.

Dust_Pan is also the home of Shards of Thimbral which I tend to devour anytime Mark posts about it. Not a healthy habit but the competitive spirit in me cannot help it.

Again, congrats Mark! I will stop rambling now!

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