[Quick Note] Thunderscape's First Adventure Path Begins

As I've mentioned before I am a huge fan of Thunderscape's premise and was a big supporter of its Kickstarter last year. I have since gotten my hardcopy of the book (only the second time a kickstarter ponied-up what it promised for me) and have poured through it a few times in hopes of someday getting to play/run the setting.

Now the first part of Kyoudai's first adventure path for the system has dropped and I must say I am impressed by the quality. I'm still waiting for my hard copy (another KS bonus) but I have read through about half the pdf and it is quite good.

As with all PF adventure paths it is rather railroad-y in design, but that didn't stop me from seeing dozens of ways of taking the game off the tracks and having a blast doing so.

If you're a fan of magi/steam/dungeon-punk (note I like two of those) then you should take a look.

Thunderscape Lost Lexicon Part 1: Heart-of-the-Machine

There is also the smaller intro adventure to the setting Trouble in the Dustwood Inn which was a fun kick around for my family (and an interesting experience for me to go back to 3.5
type gaming).

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