5 minute Adventures for Next (WIP) and Swords & Wizardry Core Halls of the Dwarf King

A new 5-minute adventure for the month of May. Yes the map is on a post-it note and the Next section is incomplete. That will be fixed early on the morrow, for now though, please enjoy and as always, feedback is greatly welcomed and will help me make better adventures in the future!

Five Minute Adventures - Halls of the Dwarf King
for 4 to 6 players of the 4th through 6th Level

Adventure Set-Up
For days refugees from the Dwarven Halls of Stoneholt have been pouring into the nearby trade city of Smith’s Head. So far the Lord Mayor of the city has been accommodating but the city is near the point of bursting and sickness is already starting to spread. As the great gates of Smith’s Bane close a message goes out:

To all hardy and fool enough, discover why the Dwarves have left their ancient home and if possible return them to it with all haste! Successful adventurers will be granted land and wealth – Lord Mayor Jarl Ironbane of Smith’s Head.

In truth the halls of Stoneholt have been overrun by a Kobold tribe and something much darker. The Dwarves fear to speak of the tragedy due to the embarrassment of being defeated by Kobolds.

Since the closing of the gates of Smith’s Bane a large tent city has sprung up around the city’s walls. Many of Stoneholt’s dwarves reside there and attempt to ply their trades and piece back together lives destroyed by the loss of their home.
Table 1: Rumors (1d6)
The Guard Jerin escaped through a secret route only known to his family.
The Lord of the Halls still defends his home.
The smell of brimstone and burnt meat filled the hall before the Kobold attack.
The Lord of the Hall is in league with the Kobolds to steal away all his Clan’s riches
The Kobolds prepare to march on Smith’s Head
The Kobolds were after an ancient relic that will give them the power of dragons.

Notable Persons in the Refugee Camp

Jerin (dwf) – HD 2; HP 11; ATK Weapon 1d6+2 (Handaxe); MV 9; ST 17; Al L; CL/XP 2/30; Spc Parry -2

Jerin can be found in a large tent called the Pavilion drinking and enjoying the company of desperate dwarves looking for coin by any means. He is quite drunk at nearly all times. He has a map that will lead the party to a secret way into the halls (Area 15) of Stoneholt but is quite willing to part with it for a price (100gp).

Merric (hf) – HD 1; HP 5; Atk Weapon 1d4; Mv 15; ST 18; Al N; CL/XP 1/15; Spc Thief Skills Table lvl 1

Merric is a Halfling thief who stole into the dwarven halls right before the attack by the kobolds. He escaped with the dwarves but broke his arm in the flight from Stoneholt.

Walker (dwf) – HD 2+2; HP 13; Atk Weapon 1d6+1 (Longbow); MV 9; ST 17; Al L; CL/XP 2/30

 A dwarven huntsmen and one of the few dwarves that did not live in the halls of Stoneholt. He helped guide the dwarven refugees to Smith’s Head and has been acting as a medic since the refugee camp was set-up. If asked he will be quite willing to take the party to Stoneholt but will not enter, stating that it hold “bad memories”.

Serena Ironbane (hmn) – HD 4+4; HP 26; Atk Weapon 1d6 (Mace); MV 12; SV 15; Al L; CL/XP 4/120 Spc Cleric 4th level (spells – Cure light wounds, purify food and drink, Bless).

Serena is the noble daughter of Jarl Ironbane and a Priestess of Serenity – mother Goddess of the Moon, Scoundrels, and fertility – who is in the camps helping the injured and attempting to gather information on Stoneholt for her Lord Father.

Wilderness Area
The distance between Stoneholt and Smith’s Head is around fifteen miles of rugged alpine forest and foot hills leading to the craggy spire of Stoneholt. Currently the land is rife with intrigue, danger and the scent of blood on the air. Bandits, Goblins, Trolls and other beings of ill-intent haunt the forests and roads, waiting for easy prey.

There are three roads leading from Smith’s Hammer, but only the Trader’s Way leads to Stoneholt. The ancient cobblestone road is smooth as ice from generations of travel and weather and makes the journey easy. However, Bandits have set-up camps in the nearby forests and several bands of Orc raiders have been whispered to be using the road.

While traveling in the wilderness the part has a 3 in 6 chance of encountering the following every three rounds.
Table 2: Wilderness Encounters
Roll 1d12
2d6 Human Bandits
1d6 Orc Raiders
Dwarven Refugees*
Human Tinker*
1d6 Goblin Raiders
2d6 Pack of Wolves
Memory’s Child*

Dwarven Refugees – The party comes upon 1d6 Dwarven Refugees in a small cluster of carts in the midst of a Goblin Ambush. Half the Dwarves look injured and one near death.

Human Tinker – An older human in a weather-beaten traveling cloak sitting on the side of the road eating a snack with his donkey. His features are hidden by a wide brimmed, floppy hat. There is a 2 in 6 chance he will agree to sharpen the party’s weapons if asked. Any weapon sharpened gains +1 to hit and magical sub-type for 1d4 days.

Memory’s Child – A small child that appears to be a human boy found crying on the side of the road. If approached he will cry for his mommy and attempt to hug the approaching character. If successful in his hug the target most succeed a saving throw (Next – DC 15 Wisdom Saving Throw) or loss all memory of the last 48 hours. After the hug, the Memory’s Child vanishes.

Taboreux – A young arrogant red dragon who is sporting in the forests around Stoneholt. Taboreux has a 2 in 6 chance of being friendly and attempting to engage the party in a game of riddles before he is “summoned” home by an unseen force.

The Dwarven halls of Stoneholt are a colony of the Iron Dwarves of the North. Excavated nearly five hundred years ago the colony has seen prosperity and growth until the invasion of the Kobolds.

Situated in the Craggy Mountain the single known entrance faces the East toward the rising sun. A giant double door Gate of Stone and re-enforced metal it is “guarded” by two statues of The Stoneholt, the great dwarven minor who founded the colony.

While there is only one known entrance there is a secret “backdoor” known only to Jerin’s family. The Door can only be accessed at night and is located under a nearby waterfall that leads the party into a small cave system connected to halls.

While Exploring the Halls of Stoneholt the party has a 3 in 6 chance of encountering the following every three rounds.
Table 3: Stoneholt Encounters
Roll 1d8
1d6 Kobold Patrol
Angered Dwarven Ghost
Dwarven Construct
2d6 Kobold Patrol
1d6 Dwarven Refugees

*Referee’s (DM’s) discretion

Area 1 – The Great Hall
Long, wide rooms with giant statues of dwarven heroes line either side of the hall. Bodies litter the smooth stone floor and small fires burn everywhere. A small camp of Kobolds takes up the center of the area.
Enemies – 3d6 Kobolds
Treasure – 150 gp worth of dwarven trinkets and a set of dwarven crafted (+1) chainmail.

Area 2 – The Inquiry Hall
A medium-sized room with a large stone seat in against the back wall. Once this was the Hall of Inquiry was were dwarves could come and beg for justice, aid or loans from the Lord of the Hall.  Now bodies lay on the floor, pool of blood mingling together and making for treacherous stepping. The statues of dwarven lords have been defaced and strange, unholy totems have been erected using pieces of dwarven bodies.
Enemies – 2d6 Kobolds, 1 Kobold Wyrm Priest
Treasure – nil

Area 3 – The Great Forge
A room bright as the daylight and hot as a desert. The smell of molten metal and ozone permeate every inch of the place.
Enemies – nil
Treasure – 1 Great Axe, 4 Daggers, 1 Handaxe

Area 4 – The Armory
Shelves, tables and racks have been sundered, destroyed and set ablaze by the ransacking Kobolds leaving this room in utter disarray.
Enemies – nil
Treasure – nil

Area 5 – Forge Master’s Office
The door to this room is jammed shut (Next – DC 18 Strength Saving Throw) A small office dominated by a large stone desk overflowing with papers and empty bottles of Mead. Laying with his head on the desk is Roax Ironcail, Forge Master of Stoneholt, snoring quietly.

Roax Ironcail (dwf) – HD 2+2; HP 12; Atk Weapon 1d10+2 (Great Axe); ST 17; MV 9; AL N; CL/XP 2/30; SPC Parry -2

Roax stayed behind to defend his scared forge but as the days passed and their came no dwarven counter attack the old dwarf lost hope and began to drink in despair. Still he kept defending the Forge and soon the kobold stopped coming, afraid of the “ghost” who slew them so easily.

Roax will reveal (in slurred, lengthy, cursed filled language) of the betrayal of one of his kin. He knows not who it was but it had to be a dwarf who opened the gates to allow the kobold’s entrance.

If asked to accompany the party the old dwarf will decline stating that he is too drunk and too old to follow the party.

Area 6 – Forge Storage
A small room with shelves of hammers, forceps and other unremarkable tools of the blacksmith’s trade.  A detailed search (Next – DC 18 Wisdom (Perception) check) of the room will reveal a hidden compartment
Enemies – nil
Treasure – Forge Hammer of Repair 12 charges

Area 7 – Shrine of Forge-Father
A small shrine to the Dwarven God. A Large statue of a stylized hand gripping a forge hammer takes up the back half of the room. The statue has been smeared with offal and several dead dwarves have been flayed and tied to the statue with their own skin. There is a secret door behind the statue that leads to Area 8 and another in the far wall leading to Area 9(DC 18 Wisdom (Perception) check).
Enemies – 1d4 Angered Dwarven Spirits
Treasure – Nil

Area 8 – True Shrine of the Forge-Father
A short leads to a small room of rough hewn stone. In the center a small bright forge burns, its fires tended to by an ancient dwarf wearing nothing but a leather blacksmith’s apron. Should he speak to the party he will move away from the forge and remove the apron.

The Cleric (dwf) – HD 6+6; HP 37; Atk Weapon 1d6+1 (Mace); ST 14; MV 6; AL L; CL/XP 4/120 Spc Cleric 6th (spells – Cure Light Wounds, Protection from Evil, Purify Food & Drink, Bless, Hold Person, Prayer, Remove Curse, Cure Serious Wounds)

If the party is lawful or neutral aligned the Cleric will offer his aid in the form of food, water and medical care. If of Chaotic alignment (Next – Any Evil) he will instead attack the party believing them in league with the invaders. Like Roax, The Cleric will not leave stating that he needs to care for the Forge-Father’s forge.
Enemies – Nil
Treasure – Nil

Area 9 – Hall of Relics
The short hallway into this area is trapped and nearly undetectable (S&W 10% negative modifier to Delicate Tasks; Next – DC 20 Wisdom (Perception) Check). If undetected and trigger the floor will open up to a 30’ deep pit.

The Hall of Relics is a small room cluttered with bones in jars, old hammers in boxes and other nonsense material thought to be holy by the followers of the Forge-Father. There is a faint magical aura in the back of the room detectable by any detect magic spell. The aura is connected to a large 2-handed Warhammer, any dwarf in the party has a 4 in 6 chance of knowing (Next DC 10 Intelligence (history or religion) check) of knowing this to be the fabled Hammer of the Forge-Father.

Referee (DM)’s Note – The Hammer of the Forge-Father is said to have been a gift from the Forge-Father to the first Dwarven King as an instrument to bring the various dwarven clans together under one ruler. For nearly 20 years the First King used the hammer in battle, forging the first Dwarven Empire of Kaz’Yaun.

Only someone chosen by the Forge-Father may wield the hammer. Any found to be unworthy will find the hammer too heavy to lift.

S&W Hammer of the Forge-Father (Relic) – 1d8+2 damage, twice a day can cast Cure Light Wounds on Wielder.
Next Hammer of the Forge-Father (Relic) –  1d12+2 damage, teice a day can cast Cure Light Wounds on wielder

Should the wielder of the Hammer ever be found unworthy the hammer will instantly become too heavy for the wielder.

Enemies – Nil
Treasure – Hammer of the Forge-Father

Area 10 – Hall of the Lord
Coming upon this hall the party has a 3 in 6 chance of hearing the screams of an argument. Inside the large, warm looking room a finely armored but insane looking dwarf, Lord Trotvir Irongild, argues with a cloaked figure in a mirror. 1d4 kobolds stand behind the screaming dwarf, looking frightened.

Lord Trotvir Irongild – HD 5+5; HP 23; Atk Weapon 1d8+2 (Dwarven Great Axe); ST 15; Mv 9; AL C; CL/XP 5/240; Spc Parry -2

The Dwarf is yelling so loud and so rapidly that the party only has a 1 in 6 (Next DC 18 Wisdom (Perception) Check) chance of understanding the dwarf.

I don’t care about your promise to the dragon! I gave you the power source of your blighted ancient gods! The gold is mine!  MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE!

The figure in the mirror begins to laugh and with a scream the dwarf picks up and throws the mirror shattering it.

If the dwarf sees the party he will accuse them of trying to steal his treasure and attack them, the kobold will reluctantly join the fight.

A Search of the room (Next – DC 15 Wisdom (Perception) check) will reveal a secret door to Area 12.
Enemies – Lord Irongild, 1d4 Kobolds
Treasure – Nil

Area 11 – Hall of Treasure
A Large deep room with waves and mountains of gold, jewels and other treasures. Laying in the center under a blanket of gold is Taboreux a young Red Dragon worshiped by the Kobolds as a living god.
Enemies – Taboreux
Treasure – Referee’s Discretion

Taboreux (Rdrg) – HD 9; HP 60; AC 2[17]; Atk 1d8 (2 Claws), 3d10 (Bite); ST 6; MV 9/24 (flying); AL C; CL/XP 17/2,900; Spc Breath Fire; Speak

Taboreux A young arrogant red dragon who has little interest in the party or causing havoc (for the moment) it is slightly possible to convince him to leave the Stoneholt for a favor from the party at a later date.
Area 12 – Secret Cave 3
A large dark and wet cave, dripping water splashes to the ground from the unseen ceiling above.
Enemies – Nil
Treasure – Nil

Area 13 – Secret Cave 2
A small dark cave, large mushrooms grow from the floor giving the room a sent of death and rot.
Enemies – Shriekers
Treasure – Nil

Area 14 – Secret Cave 1
A large black pond takes up the entirety of this cavern, however, not all is how it appears.
Enemies – Black Pudding
Treasure – Nil

Area 15 – The Lake Under the Mountain
The waters of this underground lake are pure and sweet to the lips. Any person who drinks from this lake will recover 1d4 hit points once a day. If anyone attempts to bottle the water they will find that its power vanishes.

Concluding the Adventure
If the party clears the caves of the invaders they will find friends and allies in the Dwarves of Stoneholt for all time. Lord Ironbane of Smith’s Head will offer the party titles of Stewards and offer them a small manor in the foot hills a mile away from town but warns that the place has been abandoned near a hundred years.

If the party left the dragon alive there is a 3 in 6 chance that it will seek retribution on Smith’s Head and the refugee village within 3 days of completing the adventure killing 90% of the population. The survivors will blame the party placing a 1000gp price on each member of the party.

New Creatures

Dwarven Construct - HD 4; HP 30; AC 4[15]; Atk 1d8 (Slam); ST 16; MV 9); AL N; CL/XP 4/240

A large stone automaton that protects the Halls and mines of dwarves. They have no will of their own and can only follow basic directives.

Angered Dwarven Ghosts – HD 2; HP 14; AC 7 [12]; Atk 1d6 (Claw); ST 17; AL C; CL/XP 4/240; Spc on a successful attack the Dwarven ghost will damage the target’s Constitution score, save negates, Lost Con points are recovered at a rate of 1 per 2 weeks of rest. Can only be hurt with magical weapons and spells.

New Next Creatures and NPCs

Dwarven Construct

Medium Construct
Armor Class 15
Hit Points 30 (4d8+2)
Speed 30 feet
Str 14 (+2)       Dex 08 (+1)      Con 10 (+0)
Int 02 (-4)        Wis 02 (-4)       Cha 02 (-4)

Alignment Unaligned
Languages ---

Immunities cold, disease, hunger, necrotic, poison, sleep, suffocation, thrist, gaze effects, sight attacks, charm, fear, paralysis, stun
Special Senses Blindsight 30ft, Stone Sight 120’ (Can detect movement on any stone surface)

Melee Attack – Slam +4 to hit (reach 5 feet; one creature). Hit: 2d4+2 Bludgeoning Damage.

Angered Dwarven Ghost

Medium Undead
Armor Class 12
Hit Points 16 (3d8)
Speed 40 feet
Str 06 (-2)        Dex 14 (+2)      Con 12 (+1)
Int 06 (-2)        Wis 10 (+0)      Cha 08 (-1)

Alignment Unaligned
Languages Dwarven (Cannot Speak)

Skills Stealth +4
Immunities cold, disease, hunger, necrotic, poison, sleep, suffocation, thirst, charm, fear, paralysis, stun, polymorph
Special Senses Darkvision 60 feet
Incorporeal The shadow is incorporeal in nature. And has a +2 AC against non-magical weapons or projectiles.

Melee Attack – Energy Drain +4 to hit (reach 5 feet; one creature). Hit: 1d8+2 Necrotic Damage. If target fails DC 10 Constitution saving throw and until the target completes a long rest the target’s hit point maximum (HPM) drops by the amount of damage done by the attack. If the target’s HPM drops to 0 due to this attack the target dies and has a 45% chance of rising as a maddened ghost within 24 hours of death.

Lord Trotvir Irongild

Medium humanoid (Dwarf)
Armor Class 18 (Plate-mail)
Hit Points 23 (4d8+2)
Speed 25 feet
Str 16 (+3)       Dex 10 (+0)      Con 16 (+3)
Int 12 (+1)       Wis 12 (+1)      Cha 08 (-1)

Alignment Lawful Evil
Languages Common, Dwarven, Dragonic

Special Senses Darkvision 120 feet
Dwarven Resilience Has advantage on saving throws against poison and resistance to poison damage.
Mental Strength Has advantage on saving throws against spells and illusions as well as being charmed or paralyzed

Melee Attack – Great-Axe +4 to hit (reach 5 feet; one creature). Hit: 1d12+3 Slashing Damage.


Large Dragon (Very Young, Red)
Armor Class 15
Hit Points 95 (9d12+10)
Speed 40 feet/150 feet (flying)
Str 21 (+5)       Dex 10 (+0)      Con 17 (+3)
Int 12 (+1)       Wis 13 (+1)      Cha 12 (+1)

Alignment Lawful Evil
Languages Common, Draconic

Immunities cold, fear
Special Senses Darkvision 120’
Vulnerable to Cold Gains disadvantage against Cold Attacks.

Melee Attack – Breath Weapon +2 to hit (reach 60 foot cone; multiple creatures). Hit: 4d10+2 fire Damage Damage.
Melee Attack – Tail Slam +5 to hit (reach 10 foot arc; multiple creatures) Hit 2d10+5 Bludgeoning Damage.
Melee Attack – Rend +5 to hit (reach 5 feet, one creature). Hit 2d8+5 slashing Damage.


  1. These pocket adventures are always welcome, Joshua. Thanks! ;)

    1. Once again, Scarecrow, I am really happy you are enjoying the 5-minute adventures!

  2. Nice little adventure. I like how there is no answer as to who or what Trotvir and Taboreux are working for, allowing the DM to fill-in their own big-bad.

    1. I'm glad you liked it and yeah, one of the core aspects of the 5-minute adventures is to provide tools fo DMs for longer than just the adventure.

  3. I really liked this post, so I added to my Best Reads of the Week series. I hope you don't mind.


  4. Hi Joshua, what about "New Next Creatures and NPCs" entries?

  5. Two questions, Johua:
    1) Why Taboreux has been teleported in the Hall of Treasure?
    2) What does Trotvir earns by the agreement with the clocked figure in the mirror? It's strange because Trotvir has given to the clocked figure something for its ancient gods, the clocked figure has promised to Taboreux a lot of gold (Hall of Treasure 's gold?), and Trotvir?

  6. 1) The Kobolds. The Kobolds see Taboreux as their Living God.
    2) Trotvir and Taboreux where both promised the gold. Taboreux, however, would know of the double promise and expect the BBEG to betray Trotvir. This is also one of the reasons he can be convinced to leave. His master has what he (or she) wants so there is no real reason outside the gold to stay.


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