Magic Item - Whipping Boy

New Magic Item for Swords & Wizardry
Whipping Boy
The Whipping Boy is a small figure made of clay that has a vaguely humanoid appearance. When a drop blood is placed on the Whipping Boy the Clay figure takes on the appearance of the blood’s owner bonding itself to the owner.
Legend has it that the Whipping Boy was first created by Zulan Cultists when the Ar’kree roamed the world. Used by the Cultist to protect themselves from the slave rebels who dared attempt to overthrow the Zulan Empire and seal the Ar’kree away.
While worn by the owner of the blood the Whipping boy has a 75% chance of taking the damage its owner would have received. Once that damage exceeds 30 points the Whipping Boy will crumble into dust and the former owner must succeed a Saving Throw are be inflicted with all the damage the Whipping boy took for him.
Thankful, Whipping Boys are exceedingly rare, but from time to time the can be found in the ancient temples of the Ar’kree or in some nobles private collection.

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