Quick Note - The Many Projects of Genius Loci Games

Last night on a whim I started something ... again, and so I am updating everyone out there on where we stand with the various projects:

Lights over Innsfjord - Alpha version mostly written, revising the cells and temple to better reflect what I wanted to do with this adventure.

Miracle of Science - Mostly written, going through some minor changes in the areas to reflect that this is a bit bigger than a 2-page adventure.

Helena's Gauntlet - Finished Residential distracts 1 and 2 and fleshed out NPCs. Removed subway access to improve timeline and remove confusing writing.

Spectres of Usarm - the PbP playtest begins very soon and last minute revisions should come following that. Waiting on cover art by U369 the artist who did the cover of Under the Horn and the background for this blog (which is the cover art for Innsfjord)

Chromatic Commandos - Finishing up Mecha (zord) rules shortly and then working on enemy and sample setting/adventure. Want to start a playtest by July over Hangouts/Roll20

Unnamed Modern Project - Started last night on a whim, classes are complete (Following the base 4 of Swords & Wizardry), two of the classes (Fighting-men and Magic-Users) were released on the blog last night. Plan for this to be done and playtesting to start within a month of Chromatic Commandos ending.

Unnamed 2 pages adventures - Two adventures, one in a desert setting and one in the plains of the Usarm world. Desert has maps and prime area write-up done. Plains has NPCs and sketch map  complete. I'm hoping for a July and September release for both of them.

Future 5-Minute Adventures - These are done every month and are pretty much on a whim. The June one will most likely use a Google image search public domain map.

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