Quick Note - The Next Adventure to Icago

Last week everyone was introduced to the Hamlet of Icago through the 5-minute Adventure "Shrine of Thiseir". Now th enext adventure in Hamlet of Icago is underway as the next two-page adventure being written. But wait, didn't I say the next adventure would be in a Great Plains-like setting with native american centaurs? I did, but the idea for this adventure really has me and so this one is getting done first. I am hoping to have the adventure itself written by the end of the weekend and then formatting and mapping to follow soon after. My biggest concern this month is with cover art ... I hope I can find someone to do it as this one is not my usual outdoor/caves/dungeon type with some big unique object I can slap on the cover.

So as usual here is my hint for this adventure: The day Rose died.

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