Quick Note - Spectres of Usarm update

As of 10 minutes ago the writing for Spectres of Usarm was completed! Including new creatures and old the whole thing is 3 pages! That is 2 more than allowed for a 2 page adventure! So now I am off to editing the adventure and Codename: The Wife will start proof-reading tonight.

I will be running a playtest Friday morning over Hangouts for anyone who wishes to:

1. Be on the credits page!
2. Play the adventure before it is released!
3. Help me out!

Spectres is the most "Story Heavy" of all the 2 page adventures so far. I need to see how it translate over to Page Plus to truly get an idea of how much needs to be removed, but I hope not much. I made Codename: The Wife cry last time she read the unfinished version (screwing with children ... a no no for future reference).

While all this is going on I need to find a cover artist and a decent layout design ... Epp.

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