Quick Notes - I am not a Cartographer

As anyone who follows me on google+ knows I am currently harressing some of the mapping greats to figure out a mapping process for my next two-page adventure "Spectres of Usarm". That's right! Damn thing has a name now!

Writing is done and after Codename: The Wife finishes up proofreading I will be attempting to fit the damned thing on a single 3 column landscape page. I have to say I am a little worried this time as the writing is actually 3 pages long. I may have to go the "Adventurers" route and start having a seperate handout for creatures ... maybe creature cards?

Hmm ... something to think on.

I have also been experimenting once again with texture rich digitial maps, the kind normally seen in 4e and later 3.5e products. I have always liked the way those looked so maybe I can get half decent on of these days and pull on off.

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