Quick Note - Chomatic Commandos is on Roll20!

The playtest for my power Rangers inspired roleplaying game starts on Monday July 7th and will be a twice a month game. This morning I finished setting up the roll20 announcement and the basics for the "Sample setting" that will be used in the released book.

That's right, the actions of the players in the playtest will define and help mold the sample setting.

Here is the listing: Chromatic Commandos - Dragon Force
A thousand years ago the Great Dragon Zora sealed the armies of the evil metallic dragon, Zerit deep within the Earth. Now Zerit have returned and his desire for conquest over Earth has not abated. Zora has summoned ordinary teenagers and has imbued them with the power of the great dragons and equipped them with mighty machines known as poly-mechs to combat Zerit's monstrous forces.
Chromatic Commandos - Dragon Force is a playtest of the the Chromatic Commandos Roleplaying Game. The goal of the playtest is to test the mechanics of the system over time and streamline and improve them. Everyone who plays the game will be provided an alpha document of the system for character creation and rules.
The first session on July 7th will be group character creation and a short introductory adventure.

I have 1 interested player as far as I know unless he backed out by now.

Also of note is that since I may be losing my job next month (wishes and prayers that I get this promotion please) I may also have time to run a playtest for the Sword and Wizardry adventure I'm currently writing "Pyramid of the Lost King" on the weeks that CC-DF isn't being played.

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  1. I am totally interested in this! How and where would you be running this? I have been wanting to really try out online gaming since getting my own face to face group is just a continual pain. Huge fan of this genre! Also, I am equally interested in the S&W adventure since that's the system that lead me to your blog in the first place.


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