Quick Note - Pyramid of the Lost King Page Design

I haven't yet imported the adventure document into page plus but I've been working on how I want it to look. The page background is a modified version of Lord Zsezse Work's Desert Stock Art pack.

I'm not sure if this will be final, I'm not a huge fan of the dividing line under the N.2 section header and I want to have some sort of graphic to add the page numbers when they appear.

Originally the boxed "read this" text was both in a different font AND on a scroll graphic ... I abandoned that rather quickly as it made everything way too busy looking.


I'm planning on having this finished (writing wise) this Friday it will then go over to Codename: The Wife for proof-reading. My thoughts are that I will be able to (gain if I'd don't get this promotion at real work) run a play-test on the Mondays I'm not running Chromatic Commandos.

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