Quick Note - Pyramid of the Lost King Peek.

Work is going great on PotLK. I'm nearly done the wilderness areas and 3 of the sites that are pre-created to explore (the ones with maps, altogether I've 5 or the 8 down). Here are two of the sites that are on the map:

N-?. The Bulette Cavern

Along the western cliffs of the lower Narrows is a hole burrowed into the stone that leads to a large cavern. The entrance to the cavern is low to the ground and dips downward into the earth.
If the players come to the cavern at night they will find it occupied by 1d4 Bulettes. No investigation is required to learn that this cavern, most likely dug by Bulettes in the far past, serves as a seasonal mating ground for the creatures. If interrupted the Bulettes will hunt and attack the players as long as they are in the Narrows.
If the players come to the cavern during the day they will find a single sleeping Bulette resting in the cavern.
Bulette (4) –
Treasure – None   

N-?. The Disk

A large disc of stone rests half buried in the desert sands. Strange symbols and glyphs ring the Disk. Nearby is a skeleton wearing a helmet that looks like a snake.

Treasure – The Snake helmet has a small glyph on its front that, when pressed, causes the helmet to transform into a small disk around the wearer’s neck. While wearing the helmet in its snake form the wearer gains -1[+1] to AC[AAC] and has dark vision up to 30 feet.

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