Quick Note - Raven's Ruin

I'm reading through my pdf of "Assault on Raven's Ruin" and I must say that it is a very interesting adventure, not just in terms of gameplay but how it is writing. The text seems to go out of its way to hold the DM's hand (in a good way, not in that you're an idiot way a lot of more modern adventures do) and help him or her through the roleplaying and combat and so forth. Truly the text (to me) has a very easy and conversational style to it that makes me excited to run the module ... even though I'm not.

Assault on Raven's Ruin was part of the "Thunderrift" series of modules and primarily created for novice tables. It shows in a way with the simple and straight forward adventure that jumps the players to were they need to be. for some reason, however, this doesn't feel railroady to me but more like the wipes from a Star Wars film.

I both wonder and hope that the 5e modules will have a style near this in the starter sets.

Assualt on Raven's Ruin is not yet available through DnDClassics.com but can be picked up through either eBay or Amazon. I will say when and if it is available thorugh DnDclassics I will be replacing my current version.

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  1. Yeah, that's a little Gem. I remember, for some reason, confusion over the Goblin ambush near the start of the adventure, but don't know why--I can't even remember if I was running it or playing through it at the time. It's been more than 20 years.


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