Quick Note - First Basic 5e Character

While I've made more than my fair share of characters during the playtest I couldn't wait to create a new one using the Basic pdf that was released today.

Have a look

Race:     Mountain Dwarf male      Class:    Fighter                Level :   1             Alignment:         neutral good      Background:      Folk Hero
STR 17 (+3);  DEX 10 (+0);  CON 16 (+3); INT 10 (0); WIS  14 (+2); CHA 10 (+0)
HD D10; HP: 13; Saves: STR, CON; Proficiency: +2; AC 19
Languages: Common, Dwarfish
Skills: Athletics, Animal Handling, Perception, Survival; Tool Proficiencies: Artisan Tools (Brewer), vehicles (land) Fighter Traits: Fighting Style Defense (when wearing armor get a +1 to AC; )Second Wind (use bonus action on my turn to regain 1D10+level in HP)
Folk Hero Feature:  Rustic Hospitality
Armor:  Chain mail (AC 16; stealth disadvantage), Shield +2 AC; Melee
Weapons: Warhammer +5 attack; 1D8+3 bludgeoning; versatile (1d10)
 Equipment:  Explorer’s pack, shovel, iron pot, Common clothes, Brewer Supplies, Belt pouch, 10 GP
Trinket:                      A silver skull the size of a coin
Defining Event:                 I stood alone against a terrible monster
Personality Trait:              If someone is in trouble I am always ready to lend a hand
Ideal:                                     Respect
Bond:                        I protect the user those who cannot protect themselves
Flaw:                         I have trouble trusting my allies

As far as fighters go at least I noticed no difference in creating a first level character between now and the last playtest material. I've not yet compared higher levels but so far I'm happy little has chanced with my favored class.

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