The Glide Frog a Creature for Any Setting

A new creature for use in Swords & Wizardry (and most other OSR systems) and the Next Edition.

Glide Frog
The croak came from above them as they raced through the marsh lands. Looking up El saw the large dark green form of a frog gliding above them, long tongue lolling from its mouth.
Type: Mortal, Monstrous
Hit Dice: 2+2
Armor Class: 6[13]
Attacks: Bite (1d4 + Poison (Save Negates)), Tongue (1d6 + Swallow)
Saving Throw: 16
Special: Gliding, Swallow Whole, Water Breathing
Move: 12 [36’]/36 [110’] Gliding
Alignment: Neutral
Challenge Level/XP: 6/400
Special Abilities
Swallow Whole –
35% chance of catching target with tongue during attack and swallowing target whole (Save Negates)
Gliding –
Creature can glide on wind currents for up to 110 feet.
Water-Breathing –
Can breathe in bodies of fresh water for duration of up to 24 hours.
Glide Frogs are solitary creatures of near human-like intelligence (1 in 3 can speak) who live in the great swamps of the south. Territorial the Glide Frog will hunt any creature within the bounds of its "home".
Glide Frogs appear as a normal Giant Frog except for a membrane skin that connects their front and rear legs which allows them to glide on the wind. Internally, the Glide Frog has hollow, bird-like bones, and its skin is more rubber-like than its non-gliding cousin.
Glide Frogs are solitary by nature but once a year males will seek out females and congregate in a 3 mile square area around the female’s territory. During this time the males are more aggressive than normal.

Medium Monstrous Animal
Armor Class
Hit Points
16 (2d8+2)
30 feet/120 feet flying
12 (+1) Dex 14 (+2) Con 12 (+1)
10 (0) Wis 6 (-2) Cha 04 (-3)
Athletics +2
Special Senses
Dark & Water Vision 60’
If reduced to 0 Hit Points the Fauth can make a Constitution saving throw with a DC of 7 + the damage received. If successful the Fauth drops to 1 Hit Point instead of the actual damage value and at the end of its next action drops to 0 hit Points.
Melee Attack – Bite
+3 to hit (reach 5 feet; one creature). Hit: 1d4+2 Piercing Damage. On a successful attack the Target must succeed a DC 11 Constitution Save or be poisoned until healed (either through alchemical or "Cure Disease" Spell). For every round poisoned the target suffers 1 HP of damage.
Melee Attack – Tongue Whip
+2 to hit (reach 15 ft; one creature). Hit 1d6 Bludgeon Damage. Target of Attack must succeed a DC 15 Dexterity Save or be caught by the tongue and swallowed whole by the Glide Frog. For every round, up to six rounds the swallowed target attempts a DC 20 Strength Save to free herself from the Frog or take 1d6 acidic damage. If after six rounds the swallowed target is still alive the Glide Frog will spit the target out and will not attempt to swallow that target again for the duration of the encounter.

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