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Area 1 - Common Room
Three dead bodies, appearing horribly mauled.. Two Zombies in the rear near the left wall have dragged a forth body and are dining. (Zombies here, pg 52)

Area 2 - Dining Hall
A lone, half grazed guard is sheltered in this room. A DC 20 Charisma (Persuasion) check will convince him not to attack as he believes there are only undead left. (Guard here, pg 54)

Area 3 - Guard Chambers
Under the disheveled rug is a trap door to the catacombs. Each chest has approx 25 GP and a potion of healing. The bearskin rug is a Smothering Rug.(Smothering Rug here, pg 16)

Area 4 - Lair of the Ooze
This large empty chamber seems to have been once walled off by brick. Exploration shows little except a dripping wetness that is actually a colony of Grey Oozes (3 Grey Ooze here, pg 11)

Area 5 - Cross Roads
The path turns up to a worked chamber of stone or down into darkness. 6 zombies shamble here looking for fresh meat. (Zombie here, pg 52)

Area 6 - Lower Chamber/Sword of Light
This chamber is large and dome-like. Stalactites litter the chamber and a single beam of light from a small hole shines on a sword stuck in the stone. A DC 25 Strength Check can release the sword which 3/day mimics the light and brilliance of the sun and always deals and extra 1d4 dmg to undead. If the sword is pulled several specters will appear and challenge the puller. If the puller is a good-aligned character they will nod solemnly and vanish. If not, they attack (4 Specter here, pg 44)

Area 7 - Warren of the Dead
This large empty chamber has a small alcove to the left that features an alter that may have once been to Moradin but has been defiled in the name of Orcis. A dozen or more skeletons and a few zombies loiter in this chamber. On a roll of 17 or higher their will also be a Wight. ( Skeletons here, pg 20; Wight here, pg 50; Zombie here, pg 52). On a DC 20 Wisdom (Perception) Check the player will notice several ravens watching from the rafters above the chamber. A DC Wisdom (Religion) Check will inform the player that these are servants of the Raven Queen.

Area 8-9 Spider Warrens
The three doors to these chambers are locked and require either the key (found in Area 11) or a DC 20 Dexterity Check to force the lock. These rooms have been completely overrun with webs, hindering movement. Six Giant Spiders live between the two rooms as well as 2 Spider Swarms. (Giant Spider here, pg 28, Spider Swarm use Swarm of Insects here, pg 45). Wrapped in one of the webs is a Venomous Dagger (Found here, pg 2).

Area 10 - The Feeding Ground
Several grumpy Ghouls guard this room and grouch at one another about NOT being able to eat the several dozen still living prisoners chained to the walls (Ghouls here, pg 22).

Area 11 - The Vampire’s Den
A vampire, Master of these catacombs) rests in a coffin in the center of this chamber, guarded by several  Ghoul guards. He will rise when 2 of the Ghouls have fallen and is very happy to have the players for Dinner. (Ghoul here, pg 22;Vampire here, pg 20)


  1. I used this and my players loved it good adventure

    1. Awesome, I am glad you and your players enjoyed the adventure!


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