Quick Note - Feeling Guilty

In three days I am jobless, needless to say this will be something big and hard on my family as we adjust to a new life style while I look for new employment. In the mean time I intend to continue on with the blog and with Genius Loci games ... I ask, if nothing else for anyone who reads this blog to wish me luck in the coming days and months. I have some prospects and certain people have been kind enough to offer advice and ideas on how to proceed. Trust me it is not guilt or shame that keeps me from naming just a simple desire not to put those people out any further.

This is the main and pretty much only reason that new ad banners have appeared on the site. My hope is that I can gain some of what I'm losing through various other means ... I'd also be grateful if anyone out there had some leads on some freelance gigs.

Have a good night folks. More tomorrow as I ready for a day of blogging and phone calls.

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