Quick Note - Let it Go! Let it ... Pop up game?!

My daughter got the "Frozen Pop-up Magic" game for her 3rd birthday this past Saturday and we have since played it every day since. The game itself is very simple, a mixture of spinner movement and memory. The true awesome comes from the pieces (pre-painted nicely detailed miniatures of Elza, Anna and Olaf) and the fact that it can connect to other Pop-Up Magic games to form a bigger board for more players who have their own miniatures of Disney Princesses and princes.

Already my 9-year-old is trying to figure out how to build a Disney Princess RPG using the 5e basic rules (she stole my print-out!) and the miniatures provided by the pop-up games.

For anyone with a little kid between 3 and 5 or who just likes nice miniatures (still not as nice as the Disney Infinity figures though) this is a good and cheap pick up!

Now, their just needs to be a modding community for this because I want to be Hans, damnit!

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