Quick Note - Pyramids, Light Houses and Horns ... Oh My!

Today I finished the Temple of the Fallen God dungeon for my "Pyramid of the Lost King" adventure/mini-sandbox!  This puts the adventure at 25 pages with no monster stats, maps or art. I will hopefully be able to get the pyramid itself done by the end of the weekend and go into proofreading and mapping! next week.

Lights Over Innfjord ... the much talked about and not yet released adventure I started writing last year has ... been partially destroyed by a 2-year-old and a plastic hammer. My son got a hold o the usb hold the prime Innsfjord materials and broke it. I did, however, have a partial back-up on my google drive so ... back to rewriting and redesigning the Temple and the Jailhouse ... damn it.

Finally last night I put all the art together for my next NOT a 2-page adventure "Assault on the Southern Horn" which comes out to 13 pages all told. Out of that 13  there is 1 cover, 1 credit page, 2 splash art pages, 6 adventure/monster pages, 1 map page, 1 OGL page, 1 back cover. Try as I might I couldn't get the adventure down to a single page as there was way too much I wanted to say and get out there with this one. If anyone here played or read Tomb of the Past Revealed then this adventure has more answers to the question of Usarm.

I also did a portrait style version of this adventure as well and have aspirations of sell a POD version of this adventure.

Once I have Southern Horn done and out and Pyrmid in editing I will be taking a break from everything but my Patreon stuff for reasons of a top secret project or 3 and getting back into a normal stride with the blog. The end of this summer has been crazy and I've not had time to think much about games much less play them!

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