Quick Note - The Strongest Kid in the West

Yesterday my 2-year-old son broke his leg, a spiral fracture to the right tibia to be exact. This was on a kiddy slide at a playground outside of a trail head. My son never cried more than for 20 seconds after it happened and then demanded to be put in his backpack and taken on the hike. He wanted to see foxes and water falls.

We ended up in the ER for 4 hours he didn't cry until the end and that was because he as hungry. Never once did he cry out when the doctor examined him ... thankfully we had a good doctor who noticed the queasy look my son got when he touched his leg or we may not have even gotten an X-ray.

Last night the boy sat and watched his favorite (non-Star Wars) movie "Treasure Buddies" and only started getting annoyed when he realized he couldn't run to the kitchen to beg me for a drink. This morning his called me to his room in a very calm voice and said. "I still booboo, da." He frowned when he said it. "Kiss no work."

Well that's it from me on a proud but sad dad front! I take care of the boy today until his mom gets home from work and then I prepare for tonight's chromatic commando game! To my 2-page adventure players, I will be back in the flow tomorrow. Life upended the last two weeks and I had to take care of that.


  1. I have 4 boys, they've had their share of knocks, too - always amazes me what they put up with. Best wishes to your son.


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