Hyground has Failed

About a month ago +Daniel Loche from the Google+ heroscape community announced a kickstarter for +HyGround - 3D Terrain Tiles,  a 28mm hex-tile terrain build set (ala Heroscape) it has since failed by not reaching its funding goal of $150,000.

Honestly I can say that had I know about this sooner (I had unfortunately turned notifications off for that community) I would have been barking the crap out of it. As I've said before I feel that Heroscape was by far and large the greatest small-unit skirmish game every created and anything (ANYTHING) that could have added to the unfortunate dropped brand would have been highly welcome.

I don't know if Yeti Militia Games will reattempt the kickstarter or go a different route but I sure hope so. I may be in penny-pincer mode right now, but for a protect like this I would have tried to find a way ... or at the very least barked it up and help to spread the signal.


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