Quick Map - Old Alby Station

The Modern Paranormal adventure for my monthly free adventures is underway ... and causing me a nervous breakdown in the process. The reason is I cannot find any of my notes (outside the blog) for my Basic Modern rules. This leaves me with 2 options, publish the existing rules to Patreon as is or also re-write the two cleric classes and the few other small rules changes from S&W core that I made.


The adventure was also supposed to be a One-Page Romp ... I'm now on page 2 and haven't even gotten to the map yet! So here's hoping I can finish tonight. I may be able to as the wife promised to take the kids and give me an hour or two of solid, uninterrupted work time ... feel bad about that though.

The adventure involves an investigation of an old train station near a site of a few murders. Here's the map!

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