Quick Note - Assault on the Southern Horn 5Next Edition Release

Yesterday I finished up and released the 5th Edition version of Assault on the Southern Horn yesterday. I did a soft announcement over G+ but now, as the printer is deciding if I can have a print version, I state it here with some more information.

The fifth edition version of the adventure is still stated for players of the 3rd through 6th level and should take one to two short or one long sessions to complete. New features added to the 5th Edition are as follows:

New Monsters for 5e - Gliding Frog, Lesser Pseudomorph, Ragmen, Thelidu, and Unseelie
New Magic items for 5e - Ael's Sword (greatly expanded from the S&W release) Unique Wondrous Magic Item, Firarm Uncommon Wondrous Magic Item, and Spell Gem Rare Wondrous Magic Item
New Elvish Sub-Race for 5e - The Unseelie
New Background for 5e - Exile

In addition options for hirelings has been added as well as complete stats for both major NPCs (Tyor and Cami).

The 5e version clocks in at 21 pages and as said up top I'm looking into a print version as I type this! 

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