Quick Note - Horns and a Quick 5e Play Report

Assault on the Southern Horn has dropped and has been out in the wild for a week. Nothing back yet in terms of reviews or death threats but one thing I've learned with AotSH is that my Usarm “setting” has a bit of a fanbase which really brightens the day whenever the thought pops back into my head.

Right now I'm busy converting AotSH to 5e as well as figuring out just how to swing my Patreon this month. I'm nearly done Pyramid of the Forgotten King as well and have been plugging away at a Top Secret project for a pretty impressive indie developer. So all and all good times …

The best news though is I'm (as of last night) in an ongoing game again! Woohoo! Better yet I'm not the DM for once (double Woohoo!). I've joined up for a campaign of the Starter Set of 5e playing the Ranged Fighter. I don't know why but I'm really trying to play this guy as a talker (which makes my -1 to Charisma great!) who would rather try to bargain, convince and trick the enemy then to kill them with a well aimed arrow. He also isn't above tricking his own team mates using the same methods. In my head he's an Erol Flynn type with a little Wally West Flash in him. I named Him Liam Grosmen

In the first adventure the crew found itself transporting some goods from Neverwinter for the esteemed Dwarf Rockseeker. Nearly to the town we were ambushed by goblins and between murder and tense threats we discovered the location of the rest of the goblin band. Nearly the entire party wanted to continue on to the town, knowing that are pay rest there and not with our former employer. However, Liam convinced the party to take on the Goblins with the promise that the town would probably reward them for getting rid of bandits and that their hideout probably had a fair amount of treasure to loot.

Moving through the forest the party nearly became lost but between the Druid's natural knowledge and Liam's keen eyes soon found the goblin nest. Despite being a fighter and in chain mail, Liam stealthifully moved towards the entrance and found a Goblin patrol getting drunk in the bushes near the entrance. Using hand signals the fighter and party mage managed to coordinate and cast a spell that put the Goblins to sleep. Inside the caves Liam was nearly drowned by raging waters from a dam the goblins had built, watched helplessly as the young halfling rogue almost died and helped defeat a Bugbear gang-boss and replace him with a rather devious goblin who tried to double cross the party. However, some good talking and an arrow in the shoulder by Liam convinced the goblins to let the party go on their way.

This was my first change at using the new rules as a player. Previously every game with both Next and 5e had been from the DM side of the screen and I have worried that my regard for the new rules were tainted by that position. Thankfully, they were not. The simple ability check+profession system is easy to use and can be used on the fly without having to remember much. I found enemies to be a tad strong, but I was also rolling bad all night. I like that the game has been taken away from rolling for everything again. Yes there is skill and a type of roll for trying to convince someone but it acts as a secondary action to actual roleplay. The next session is sometime in the next three weeks so I'll have more to report then as I make Liam more my own.

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