Quick Note - Map a'random

Goofing off with some stamps while I continue to train and actually get moderately good with my by hand mapping.

Just for fun:

Endhome - The last surviving home village high up in the plains of the Star Seal. The humans of Endhome do not know that they are the last of their kind and the dwarves of the Starforgere Cairn fear telling them would lead to something horrible.

Starforgere Cairn - Once a small dwarven settlement near the Fjord, the Cairn has become the major hub of dwarven science, metallurgy, and commerce since the Night of Fallen Stars. The Cairn is the only known place in the world that produces Cosmiteral - or as the laymen call it: Star-Metal.   The source and production of Cosmiteral is kept secret, placing Starforgere under constant threat of invasion. The Starforgere Clan also keeps a legion of soldiers on patrol near the Star Plains and the human village of Endhome.

Tower of the Fallen Star - No one is yet aware of the crystalline tower that appeared in the wake of the Night of Fallen Stars. However, the music it produces can be heard on the whispers of wind that travel towards Endhome. This music is believed to be the cause of so many disappearances.

In Truth the tower is the remnant of an alien craft that crashed during the Night of Fallen Stars. While its remaining HUMA crew remains in cyrosleep the ship's systems have set about repairing itself as well as acquiring suitable biological matter for the sleeping crew.


  1. Excellent mountain ridges. Also like where the mountains touch the fjord. Thanks for sharing!


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