Quick Note - MEPAcon Table Request submitted!

As usual I will be attending the Fall MEPAcon up here in the Northeast of PA. Last night, after I learned the registration was open I submitted my Game Master request. If I'm lucky I will be running 2 or 3 tables between Saturday and Sunday.

MY proposed Schedule looks like this:

Saturday - 0900-1300 - Swords and Wizardry - Pyramid of the Forgotten King
Saturday - 1400-1800 - Swords and Wizardry - Unknown
Sunday - 1300-1700 - Dungeons & Dragons 5e - Assault on the Southern Horn

I'm also hoping to play in a game or two once the rest of the schedule is up (Right now it is all Pathfinder Society stuff) as well as meet up with some of my fellow bloggers that I have learned will be there ... or maybe play in games they'll be running (come on +Erik Tenkar's I know you want to run a table!)

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