Quick Note - Returning to the blood filled, romance drenched world of Ferelden

In honor of my copy of Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition finally working! Let us all celebrate with ale and tales of the beasts of the deep roads!

And oh man, 75 hours played and only 35% through the game ... gulp.

Winter Wraith

Winter Wraiths are powerful Shades that have crossed over from the Fade. A Winter Wraith forms a body for itself out of ice and snow, however, that body is merely a construct and can created and destroyed at will.

Abilities (Focuses)
-4 – Communication
0 – Constitution 
6 – Dexterity (Draining Touch, Stealth, Winter's Grasp)
1 – Cunning 
4 – Magic
2 – Perception
-4 – Strength
4 – Willpower

Combat Ratings
Speed – 20
Health – 30
Defense – 15
Armor – 0

Draining Touch - Attack Roll +7, Damage 2d6+4 (Penetrating)
Winter's Grasp - Attack Roll +7, Damage 2d6+4 (Penetrating)

Incorporeal – Winter Wraith's are incorporeal, forming bodies of snow and ice when needed. As such they ignore the effects of terrain and non-magical damage. Only spells and magically imbued weapons can harm them. 
Ice Storm – Winter Wraith can transmute into a small, localized blizzard as a SP 4 stunt. All enemies within a 12 yard radius of the Winter Wraith are overtaken by extraordinary cold and razor sharp shards of ice that inflict 1d6+4  penetrating damage.
Surprise Attack - A Winter Wraith can make a surprise attack by spreading itself out among the snow and red-grouping in a different area. This works like the rogue's Backstab ability. If the Winter Wraith is successful in its opposed test (Dexterity (Stealth) vs Perception (Seeing)) the attack gains a +2 bonus and inflicts and addition 1d6 damage.  
Winter's Grasp - As spell in in Set 1 Player's Guide. However, does not require mana, does more damage as well as penetrating damage.
Favored Stunts – Lightning Attack, Surprise Attack, Ice Storm

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