Quick Note - A very minor AotSH mention!

There is an article over at ENworld about the slew of Unoffical 5e products up for sale at Drivethrurpg. While very small Genius Loci Games and "5Next) are specfically named. Now I have many times in the past gotten overly giddy about any mention anywhere of GLG or one of my adventures so it should be of no surprise that my "huzzah!" woke my kids (one of which I'm currently rocking back to sleep!)

Next up actual reviews and the awakening of my entire neighborhood!

And if anyone is interested the 5Next (or 5th Edition) version of Assault on the Southern Horn can be found here.


  1. I have the two Goodman Games 5E adventures and both seem really cool. I've yet to run them, but I'm looking forward to it.

    1. They are quite excellent if a tad bit hard. Fun romps though!


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