Quick Note - Pyramid of the Forgotten King and other News

It sure has been a quiet month for the spirit of this blog hasn't it. With the chill winds washing over the land, school projects for the fourth grade year, and an actually gig for a third party company (more on that later) the spirit of the blog has gone into a quiet sleep as its master works his fingers off.

As I said on google+ on Monday MEPAcon was amazing and the adventures I ran there were well received! Assault's 5e version was a hit and I hope to revisit that version of Usarm soon ... however, for me the true hit was Pyramid of the Forgotten King. I was very scared running that adventure and while I did end up losing a player to boredom (or play style differences I'm unsure) I gathered a lot of supportive and constructive comments from the group as a whole ... enough so that I am going to go ahead and within the next three weeks to start a kickstarter for the project!

Wait ... WHAT?!

As it stands at 90% completion Pyramid of the Forgotten King is 30 pages long of nothing but text ... of course this is an alpha version of the adventure and some of what I learned at MEPAcon will be added or removed after my 3rd party project is complete (so mid-December). I've already started contact the artists and cartographers I would like to involve in the project, getting very rough estimates on the amounts of money needed for their work. I still have some more math to do ... but I think the current price point I have in mind works. 

No details on who is involved yet because I'm still working on some of that and others I haven't formally contracted yet. Needless to say I am liking the choices I have so far made!

In other news I am very busy finishing my first Pathfinder adventure for a certain quarterly adventure magazine! I'm having great fun with it and can't wait to see what the response if from the crew in charge of said magazine ... Speaking of Pathfinder anyone willing to look over a manuscript for me and give me some feedback before I submit?

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