Quick Note - Flights of Honor Updated

I recently did a review of the Ponyfinder race book "Flights of Honor".  In the review I was critical of the layout and formatting of the adventure. Since then the file has been updated and now feature a much better layout and the formatting is, as well, much improved.

Flights of Honor now benefits from modern modern layout design (meaning a persistent background image) and pretty much all the "white space" has been removed dropping the title down to the 10-page mark. All-in-all it is a rather pretty title at this point and easy on the eyes. The text reads comfortably well on the new background piece and the decrease in page count and white space makes reading both more quick and jittery.

With these corrections I'll amend the score to a 4 out of 5. As I've previously stated Ponies aren't my bag ... my bag has multi-national anti-terrorist groups and giant transforming robots ... but I did my best to review it with a objective mind.

Of special note: I got the chance to speak very briefly with David Silver who wrote both Flights of Honor and the original Ponyfinder and was informed that Flights of Honor was actually created as part of and due to the benefit of Patron. So, if this is your thing I would highly suggest taking a look at it.

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