Under the Horn now has a Pathfinder Edition

The very first fantasy adventure I released just about a year ago was reopened and through the night and the morning slowly crafted into a Pathfinder compatible adventure. Just a minute ago it was released to the world at-large over at drivthrurpg for a selling price of $1.00


  • Made rules compatible with Pathfinder, now includes Skill checks and hyperlinks to Pathfinder SRD monsters that appear in module.
  • Frosc, the demon frog who serves the Master of the Horn has been updated to Pathfinder's creature block.
  • Spelling and Grammar corrections.
  • Retconning certain events and motives to bring in-line with the Lands of Usarm setting as it currently stands.
  • New layout and some interior artwork.
  • Advertisement for Pyramid of the Lost King.

From Drivethrurpg listing:

The First Adventure of the Horns Saga comes to Pathfinder!
South of the Mage Academy of Coralius lay the Horn. An object of ancient mystical might. While always studied by the mages this Horn was nothing but a mere curiosity … until now. Months ago children started to vanish from their rooms. At first just mundanes, the children of the small village that supported the Academy, but now the apprentices from the academy have begun to disappear as well.

No one would suspect the Horn, many children have been known to run-away to a life of grand adventure. However, with the disappearance has come a change in the Horn. It has begun to glow in the night and a strange and hypnotic humming can be hear emitting from it … what link is there between the Horn and the missing children?

Under the Horn is the first part of the “Horn Saga” for the Lands of Usarm world created by Genius Loci games and is suitable for brave souls of the 1st through 3rd level. If there is enough desire the rest of the “Horn Saga” will be converted to Pathfinder.

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