Patreon Supported Adventures - The Teeth

    1. Journey Through the Teeth
    1. Disclaimer

This Adventure serves as a world set-up for a longer sea-based adventure that I have been writing for the patron for the last month. Since March has been rather quite I needed something to get out and this is that. While “The Remains” is firmly White Box, “The Teeth” is system neutral and can be readily plugged into any system that you feel appropriate.
    1. Adventure Background

Trade between the Western and Eastern Holdings of the Lummin Empire is tightly controlled through the Golden Tradeways. A causeway along the warm currents of the ocean's mid-lines that is patrolled by the Empire's Navy. For years smugglers and Merchant's down on their lucnal use.k have search for other options to get their goods between the Holdings, however, the Northern and Southern passages a semi-regularly frozen to solid ice and hold the dangers of the mystical Albatross.
Now though, a Pirate name Bulis thinks he has discovered a way. Through an island chain known as the Teeth. Legend has it that the two two jagged islands that make up the teeth are in fact the remains of a long dead primal dragon. Other legends claim that the area is awash in Outsider energies. Bulis cares little for legends, if he can successful navigate the Teeth he'll be a rich man and able to retire, his name living on in the annuals of infamy. For that he needs some brave souls ready to brave the seas with him. He'll need those brave souls, for all the legends are true and more besides. The Teeth are a place where time, space, magic, and Other things all co-mingle and cross.

The Teeth

Several days out from la-Port-du-Cull the Pirate vessal you have all been hired on has come in sight of the “Teeth”. The jagged mountain islands jaunt threatening from the cold ocean like the the teeth of some great beast. Dark clouds swirl in the sky ahead threating a storm, but Captain Bulis assures the crew that the Teeth are always a place of dark clouds and choppy waters. “All will be fine for any able bodied man with his sea legs!” the captain can be heard assuring any frightened crew-men.

Referee's Note
The deck of the ship is wet enough from the violent waters to require checks for normal movement in the choppy seas. Should combat, through mutiny or other action take place and attack or defense action would be negatively affected by any who fail such a check.

As the ship approaches the Teeth roll a d20 should the result be under a 15 roll a d6 and consult the table below (adjust accordingly for system of choice):
Outside Attack
Harpy Attack From Teeth
Siren Attack
Teeth Attack

1. Maelstrom – The Ship is caught in a Maelstrom. Any keen-eyed player will be able to see that the maelstrom is not natural but supernatural in nature. In its center is a giant beak, similar to the kind that is typically found on squid. In truth, the maelstrom is being created by a giant squid who is twirling its body and hoping to catch and eat any who get sucked into its maw.

2. Outside Attack – A Portal to the Outside opens above the ship spewing forth a small horde of Outsiders (approx. 2d10).

3. Nothing – The ship encounters no problems and continues along the choppy waters until the next roll blissfully unaware of the dangerous nature of the Teeth.

4. Harpy Attack from the Teeth – As the ship nears the Teeth a horrible screech pierces the sky and echoes between the Teeth. A moment passes and the screech is answered by another louder cry. Within moments the sky grows dark as dozens of forms break from the Teeth and shoot into air. With the flapping of dozens of wings and the sound of bestial throats harpies descend on the ship and grab any unwary crew-men before breaking off into the clouds. Any crew taken are soon dropped … their heads' missing.

5. Siren Attack – From the rocky shores of the Teeth, a beautiful song goes out, soon all the go – male and female – are under a strange trance and the ship begins to list and buck wildly in choppy waters. If no one is able to gain control of the ship it will crash violently into the rocky shores in 1d6 rounds. A mental check or save is needed to overcome or resist the call of the sirens. If the sirens are located and physically engaged they will retreat and not bother the ship again this trip.

6. Teeth Attack – The Greatest legend is true. As the ship passes through the teeth a great bellow erupts as if some great god has awoken. The sea begins to shake violently, large waves crashing against the ship causing crew and cargo alike to crash and slid. Soon tooth other rocky teeth emerge and then another set and another. After a mere minute the hinges of a jaw snap forward revealing the maw of a beast as large as an island if not bigger. The wave roil larger is ancient, bat-like wings snap out from under the frothy waters. The beast takes a breath in drawing the ship down its maw.
There is no easy win for this scenario, should the players manage to escape the ship they will essentially be shipwrecked in the middle of untraveled ocean. However, it is also possible to create and have an interesting “bio-crawl” adventure within the belly of the ancient beast either destroying it or escaping it with their ship intact (ala Jona and the Whale). The beast could also be played as highly intelligent and possibly curious of these tiny beings it has no knowledge of, bartering the players' lives for knowledge of the world in the 10 million years since it first fell asleep.

Through the Teeth

Should the ship make it successful through the teeth the players will find nothing but clear skies and easy sailing for the next three weeks until the port of A'Jur'al is reached on the southern coasts of the Eastern Lummin Holdings. While A'Jur'al pays its tithe to the Empire it is known to have a lag port and will make an ideal port of call for an illegal trade route.
Once A'Jural is reached Bulis will gladly pay the players for their troubles as well as offer them a permeant place on his ship. If the players should decline the offer he will accept but warn them that the route is his secret and it would be in the players' best interest to allow it to remain so. Never-the-less, information on a non-Empire shipping lane is valuable information and could net the party a very large amount of funds. Bulis will, however, have his revenge, and the players should soon expect a price on their heads.


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