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One of the major themes I wanted to get across in Eldritch Shadows was that there was more to the world than the players knew (not the characters, the players). From the player perspective there are four magic using classes, the Priest, the Crusader, the Council Mage, and the Street Mage. Those are what are present to the players at the beginning of a game and logic then dictates that the world of the game follows suit. Not true, one of the threats in the Shadows are the "One-Trick Ponies", those magic-users who are weak as hell but have compensated for it by becoming really good at one thing.

One-Trick Ponies are too weak to be considered Council material, and don't have the same bag of tricks that a Street Mage would have. However, they make up for it quantity over quality. One such One-Trick Pony is the Summoner. Unlike a Council or Street Mage the Summoner cannot use any other spell except for Monster Summoning I spell. The difference is in duration, amount, and preference. The Summoner has an affinity for one supernatural creature on the Summon List and that creature will always be the one he summons. The Summoner also always receives the maximum  amount of the creature of his choice, and they stay in this plane of existence for 18 rounds.

Let's take Zeke up there, he's a rather gifted Summoner and has a special affinity for Dire Foxes (same stats as a Giant Rat in White Box). So ...

Zeke (Summoner) - AC 7 [12]; HD 2+2; Atk Weapon (Cane 1d4); THB +2; SV 17; MV 12; HDE/XP: 3/60; Special Summoner 3/day - Summon 6 Dire Foxes

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