Artist Spotlight - Danny Prescott

Note:  This is something I rarely get to do but think I should do more often.  I also encourage the other OSR/Gaming bloggers out there to look into do this as well.

Basq by Danny Prescott Copyright 2014-2015 Genius Loci Games
There are a number of artists that I have worked with in the last few years.  Most notably is +Frank Turfler who, as I said in my Three Toadstools interview, is my go to artist.  However, today I wanted to spotlight another gaming artist who does some really amazing work, and who I would love to see more of.  That artist is +Danny Prescott, or Herbanicus over at deviantart.

There isn't much to say, so instead here are a few of my favorite works by Danny and why:

This is Danny's newest piece.  A collection of different examples of fantasy women of different callings, sized, and personalities.  I enjoy the mix of styles in these six images, ranging from a very Weird Tales Swords & Sorcery still to pre-renaissance wood cuts.  I am also a huge fan of the different clothing types and the lack of the typical fantasy midriff.

 This market and temple piece is what convinced me to ask Danny to do the picture at the top of the page for the City of Basq.  There is a quality to this picture that just screams "ALIVE!".   There is a bustle to the street and so many different little scenes going on that a story (or adventure scene) can be written just by looking at it!

Truth be told, from the beginning of Pyramid of the Lost King's production I have been tempted to beg Danny to let me license this piece from him.  The only thing keeping me from it is the mountain in the background, and that only because there are no noticeable mountains near Basq except the flat topped "Narrows".

Finally is the image of the Krampus.  I've used this image for the last two years to frighten my children, it is just that invoking of horror!  Again we see a wonderful mix of the modern and the pre-renaissance wood cuts between the Krampus and the children he carries.

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