The Lost Locations - The Anicent Ship

With Pyramid of the Lost King coming in at 103 pages currently and expected to grow to about 105 after all the artwork is in you would think nothing would have had to be cut.  After all, at 103 pages what the hell could be left for me to add.  Surprisingly at least 4 more locations that were dropped for various reasons.  Today we look at one of those: The Ancient Ship


As you can see with the image the ship was going to be three levels and feature over 20 areas, and would have been occupied by Gnoll Exiles, Ghosts, Mechanical Constructs, and Flammable Oil Oozes (who could still attack for 10 rounds after being set on fire and do their damage plus 1d6 fire damage when on fire).  It was a fun experiment and gave a lot of environmental hints as to the type of world Usarm once was before the Collapse (or Cataclysm).

In the end, it was dropped for 2 reasons.  The main reason was the idea for it occurred to me late in second generation production when PotLK went from being 40 pages to the 103-page monster it is now and I was already 7 months behind schedule. Writing out another 5 to the 10-page area would have been another few days to a week’s worth of work and I frankly could afford to waste that much time all things considered.  The second reason was the map.  At that point I was out of funds for the project from the Kickstarter and things were very tight in my personal life (truthfully they still are) so I couldn’t afford to contract Glynn for another map and at this point had decided against the “Adventurer Maps” I had been toying with for these added locations.

I still want to explore the Ancient Ship and may one day maybe as a separate adventure or an add-in to PotLK … I don’t yet as much in regards to GLG and my creative endeavors are currently in flux.

[Kickstarter] Scion 2nd Edition surpassed $310,000

While I was never the biggest Storyteller system supporter I have played (mostly OWoD Hunter thanks to the X-Box games) and find that in the right climate the system is very enjoyable.  Scion has been an offshoot that I have wanted to play in since I first learned of it thanks to a series of reviews done by Game Geeks.  Unfortunately the few opportunities I have had met little success (mainly at cons where as an alt. player I got bumped when all the players showed). That said, while I backed at the $20.00 level for the pdfs I see little hope in finally playing ... however, this stretch goal opens up an entire world to the Storyteller system that has been locked away until now.  From the backer update:
Having passed $310,000, we will create a Community Content section on that will allow folks who adhere to our standards' guide to create and post their own Scion 2e material on a royalty basis. We will also open Scion 2e to licensed publishing with other companies. Setting up these programs is something we have never done before, so it will take work to figure out the details, but we believe Scion will become all the richer a game line with these programs in place.

That's right, following in the coat tails of Wizard's Dungeon Master's Guild, and the upcoming AGE, and Cortex Community Sections a licensed ST setting will be open to the community for legal content creation and profit.  In my opinion Scion is the best ST setting for this due to its mythological background and high degree of interchangeable playstyles. 
With this in mind I may have to venture into the world of Roll20 to get hands on with a setting I've wanted in on for years.


Scion 2nd Edition Kickstarter
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Dungeon Master's Guild (Aff code embedded)

Deviant Fridays - The Art of Refiend

Refiend is a digital artist from Kazakhstan and is a new find for me.  There is a real sense of wonder in his pieces, a sense that this is a glimpse into an actual alternate world and while it seems familiar to all those other worlds I have seen there is something truly unique and original about it.

First Look at The Dark Eye Kickstarter rewards

New youtube video up with a look at the kickstarter physical rewards for The Dark Eye Kickstarter.

Next week I should have a short video up for Green Ronin's "Fantasy Age Bestiary".

Also take a look at the "Adventures of Rena" my short [not quite] Let's Play for Tree of Savior.

Deviant Friday's - Zeich

A Guardian's Warning 2016 - Zeich (Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License)
Zeich (or Gustavo Arteaga) is a digital and mixed-media artist from Spain who focuses highly on the fantastic.  He currently runs a patreon to help support his comic Custos Titan.  Zeich's work is very invocative to me and reminds me a lot of mid-to-late-1980's Capcom artbook works (Dungeons and Dragon's Mystara, Castlevania - Simon's Quest mainly). 

Magic Item - Arcane Gauntlet

Arcane Gauntlets are small devices of leather and copper fitted to the wearer's primary hand and feature a small, thin gem imbued with pure arcane energies affixed to the palm. As a standard action the wearer of an Arcane Gauntlet may release its energies up to four times in a single encounter safely, and up to eight times if the wearer is willing to endure the burning residual heat from sustained use of the device.  If an Arcane Gauntlet is used to its maximum effect (eight times) it is inoperable until such a time as its wearer takes a long rest.

Arcane Gauntlet - Rare Magical Item - Requires Atunement - Ranged Magical Weapon - Range 60/120ft - One Target, Hit 6 (1d6 + 2) Arcane Damage - Special After 4 uses the Gauntlet inflicts 2 Arcane damage on its wearer during every use in an encounter, on the 8th such use the wearer incurs 1d6 damage from the gauntlet's use.

Deviant Friday's - All of Time and Space by Qinni

2016 by Qinni
Qinni is a traditional and mixed media artist hailing from our chilly northern sister, Canada.

Thunder Rift - Assault on Raven's Ruin

I have never made it a secret that Thunder Rift was one of my favorite settings for Basic edition D&D. I've gone as far as bugging the good folks over at Save or Die to do some reviews on the early 90s settings (to a response of a resounding no).  Much of my love for Thunder Rift didn't start with the Thunder Rift Box Set but with a very small stand alone adventure entitled "Assault on Raven's Ruin" which was part of a collection of ratty, not very well cared for, adventures I picked up for $2 at a garage sale in the mid 2007.

At the time I wasn't into the OSR so the adventure like everything else in that box of goodies set untouched until around 2013 when - after I was thoroughly indoctrinated into the OSR - I found the box while collecting things to give to Good Will.  I read the adventure several times, added the town of Kline to the northern shores of the Azure Marsh (Oh don't worry it will eventually show up in an adventure), and ran the kids through it in the course of a 4 hour adventure.  The sleeping thief lord later became a major antagonist to the players in the game and died after a stand off among the roofs of his home in a battle that saw the Physician (A time traveling wizard with an affinity for bow ties) nearly have his immortality stolen from him.

So, to say that I got giddy today when I saw that WOTC had finally released Assault on Raven's Ruin to DTRPG, is downplaying it just a bit.  This is an adventure I cannot recommend enough. So ... seriously, check it out. Buy it, run it and stomp those booted feet through the grasses of the Thunder Rift!

A Note on Expansion

One of the things that has been holding PotLK back has been expanding it.
The Old Entry:
Baleful Construct 

<I>A towering figure rising from sands as if waking from a long nap.  Eldritch green light crackles from its joints and seams.  It turns its head toward you disgorging a wave of sand and debris as it opens a craggy maw, releasing a thunderous torrent of inhuman sound and eldritch light that washes over the everything in its path.  With slow, deliberate steps it begins to move North. Without knowing exactly why, you all know in the deepest pits of your gut that the creature is heading toward Basq.</i> 

The Baleful Construct is immune to all mundane and magical attacks, becoming merely annoyed at the later. It cannot be stopped by traditional means and instead must have its power cores (located on the head) removed.

The New Entry:

Baleful Construct 
<I>A towering figure rising from sands as if waking from a long nap.  Eldritch green light crackles from its joints and seams.  It turns its head toward you disgorging a wave of sand and debris as it opens a craggy maw, releasing a thunderous torrent of inhuman sound and eldritch light that washes over the everything in its path.  With slow, deliberate steps it begins to move North. Without knowing exactly why, you all know in the deepest pits of your gut that the creature is heading toward Basq.</i> 

The Baleful construct will reach the City of Basq within four days of its awaken.  Any mundane attempt to stop the ancient construct will be meaningless.  Despite the creature’s relative disinterest in most of the attacks, it will directly respond to any magical attack against it. If not stopped the Construct will lay waste to the city by simply walking through it and continue north into the Lands of Usarm proper destroying the Rift Bridge and any other settlement in its way. 

Stopping the Baleful Construct is no easy task, as most magics simply annoy it instead of hurting it.  An observant player will notice that the eldritch light emanating from its many breaks and cracks in great waves is similar in light and coloring to a series of jewels that crown its head.  While no attacks can dislodge or destroy the gems they can be removed from the Construct by unlocking the mechanism that holds them in place.  To do this the ones brave enough to attempt it must be on the head of the Construct, who will defend itself as much as possible.

Genius Loci's Outlook for Feb/March 2016

Gate File 001 - First Approach

This is the next and the big project for the month of February for my Patreon and the one I want to push for public release in March/April.  The Gate File is being developed for 5th Edition SRD and will incorporate Modern rules and make suggestions as to that fact.

The Smoke Giant's Heir

A second 5th Edition SRD release, The Smoke Giant's Heir was originally meant to be published last July but ran into a number of difficulties including lost maps, Scribus and libre files becoming corrupted due to system failures as my tower died a slow and horrible death.  The Text is written out for this one but one map still needs to be redrawn and the layout needs to be put through Serif now that I have it back.

More Fantasy Age

I don't know yet what I want to do exactly but I want to start doing a fan version of my favorite MMO using Green Ronin's Fantasy Age system.  Obviously this will be a "serial numbers filed off" deal for the possibility of future release should the rumored compatibility license (currently thought to resemble Savage World's license).

Adventures in Basq: Pyramid of the Lost King

Oh yeah, its almost done and should be in the editor's hands by the end of the week!  Woo-hoo!

[AGE] Iron Horse

I am starting to see a theme evolving here ... and it wasn't even planned.  Enjoy, and feedback is always welcomed!

As Doctor Samuel Beckett would say "Ooooh Boy."

2015 was in may ways the lowest point in the existence of Genius Loci Games. Some of this was due to a lot of changes in the real world during that year. The continued loss of employment, my family's move to the state of Texas, and many - oh so many - computer issues. Couple this with stress, life issues and the realization that the kickstarter funds just weren't going to cover it, and I went pretty loopy and to dark places I thought I left behind long, long ago.

New Year though, new promises, new light, new beginnings ... maybe, maybe not.

I am not going to bother with resolutions or promises ... save one:

If it kills me Pyramid of the Lost King will be released by my 35th birthday (March 29th)!

I have an e-mail to send today, one that I've been avoiding ... hopefully it ends well.

Now ... where's the aspirin ...

[AGE] The Gun Priest

Trying my hand at the AGE System again after the failure of last year's open call with Green Ronin.  This time, however, there is no pressure to try and win a contest and inside I get to focus on the fun.

Thoughts and suggestion are always welcome.

[White Star] Race - Husk

  White Star Core edition – Military Campaign This race assumes a campaign structure that is primarily human-centric and takes cues from my ...