First Look at The Dark Eye Kickstarter rewards

New youtube video up with a look at the kickstarter physical rewards for The Dark Eye Kickstarter.

Next week I should have a short video up for Green Ronin's "Fantasy Age Bestiary".

Also take a look at the "Adventures of Rena" my short [not quite] Let's Play for Tree of Savior.

Deviant Friday's - Zeich

A Guardian's Warning 2016 - Zeich (Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License)
Zeich (or Gustavo Arteaga) is a digital and mixed-media artist from Spain who focuses highly on the fantastic.  He currently runs a patreon to help support his comic Custos Titan.  Zeich's work is very invocative to me and reminds me a lot of mid-to-late-1980's Capcom artbook works (Dungeons and Dragon's Mystara, Castlevania - Simon's Quest mainly). 

[White Star] Race - Husk

  White Star Core edition – Military Campaign This race assumes a campaign structure that is primarily human-centric and takes cues from my ...