[Kickstarter] Scion 2nd Edition surpassed $310,000

While I was never the biggest Storyteller system supporter I have played (mostly OWoD Hunter thanks to the X-Box games) and find that in the right climate the system is very enjoyable.  Scion has been an offshoot that I have wanted to play in since I first learned of it thanks to a series of reviews done by Game Geeks.  Unfortunately the few opportunities I have had met little success (mainly at cons where as an alt. player I got bumped when all the players showed). That said, while I backed at the $20.00 level for the pdfs I see little hope in finally playing ... however, this stretch goal opens up an entire world to the Storyteller system that has been locked away until now.  From the backer update:
Having passed $310,000, we will create a Community Content section on DTRPG.com that will allow folks who adhere to our standards' guide to create and post their own Scion 2e material on a royalty basis. We will also open Scion 2e to licensed publishing with other companies. Setting up these programs is something we have never done before, so it will take work to figure out the details, but we believe Scion will become all the richer a game line with these programs in place.

That's right, following in the coat tails of Wizard's Dungeon Master's Guild, and the upcoming AGE, and Cortex Community Sections a licensed ST setting will be open to the community for legal content creation and profit.  In my opinion Scion is the best ST setting for this due to its mythological background and high degree of interchangeable playstyles. 
With this in mind I may have to venture into the world of Roll20 to get hands on with a setting I've wanted in on for years.


Scion 2nd Edition Kickstarter
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Dungeon Master's Guild (Aff code embedded)

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