NTRPG Con, Review on Tenkers, and Patreon updated

A message from you humble sage

Good morning dear readers!  I have been away a long time ... yes, a very long time.  Oh, I have tried to come back before, made a few changes here and there, spoke of a few little things, said pretty words, that kind of rubbish talk and half-hearted false starts.  I could say that I am old - but that would be a lie, wouldn't it? - could say that the magic and lore of the OSR and the gaming world have slowly fizzled away, leaving me unable to conjure even a minor light spell!  That too would be a lie.
I will make no excuses!  No, there is no time for that, no time at all.  Instead, I sit here, pouring over tomes of arcane script known as Java and C++ and hear the muse's call again, and the spark of magic in the air ... so, let us say that I was merely napping.  Yes, merely napping which is something we are all prone to do and later deny.
Well now, that I have had a good nap and a nice spot of Valhalla Blend let us move to the announcements, eh?

North Texas Roleplaying Convention Schedule

This year I will be attending the NTRPGcon for my second time.  This time I have chosen not to convey myself to that lauded convention daily but instead to stay and enjoy the company of my fellow gamers and designers.  I am, unfortunately missing Thursday and will be arriving Friday afternoon.  I hope that I am given the chance and honor of meeting some old internet friends and make some new ones as well.
Name    Time Location
The Long Crawl - X-crawl                          Friday Afternoon at 13:00       Chinaberry at Table 2
Dwarven Epics - Delverr's Keep Playtest   Friday Evening at 20:00         Sunnyside at Table 1
Dwarven Forge Party                                  Saturday Early Morning       Boardroom 1314 at Table 1
Awards / Raffle / Auction                           Saturday Afternoon at 16:00   Irving Lecture Hall 
Adventures in Middle Earth Game B          Saturday Evening at 19:00      Magnolia at Table 1
Millennium GIrl                                             Sunday Morning at 10:00        Sunnyside at Table 3

My gaming this year is rather eccentric as I have decided that I want to try many new things instead of staying within my comfort zone.

Pyramid of the Lost King Reviewed at Tenker's Tavern

Doug Kilmer provided a rather glowing review of Genius Loci Games' own massive adventure Pyramid of the Lost King over at Tenker's Tavern.  Doug deep dives in the adventure a bit and comes away with some great insight.
To say I danced a rather provocative jig after reading the review is a bit of an understatement.

Guest Review - Pyramid of the Lost King by Genius Loci Games (S&W Sandbox/Adventure)

Patreon Lives

Now then before the coffee wears thin and my bones need the warmth of fire and flame, I must also remind everyone that I do have a Patreon.  It isn't a very big one but it is there and has always served this humble, coffee-addicted sage very well.  After a year to the day of the last update I have blown off the cobwebs, and with a little elbow grease, and youtube tutorials - to teach me InDesign. I still prefer PagePlus! -  I have produced a new short adventure that can be placed anywhere but was designed with lore to the Saragubi Desert and the Lands of Usarm in mind.  Now, this adventure called The Howling Dolman is only available to my patrons until the 20th of May and then it will be released to RPGnow as a POD title on cardstock.

Now, that isn't my only Patreon news,  I have added a new tier for pledging one that I hope will be successful because I would find it rather fun to fulfill that reward ... here, now take a gander:

$5 or more per Short Form Adventures ∙ 0 of 5 patrons
You receive all of the above (the $1.00 through $5.00 pledges) and an invitation to a monthly game VIA Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds (I have Ultimate Edition so no need to buy, just have the trial software) exploring one or more of the adventures published in the prior month.

The Patreon is over there, take a look:  https://www.patreon.com/GeniusLoci

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