Where are the Pets?

Humans have had animal companions since before we had written language, barely had agroculture, and still thought a good layer of dirt was a good way to stay healthy.  Our pets have followed us throughout time, history, culture and art ... and yet, despite there being rules in place for them, I have rarely ever seen pets in a roleplaying game.  Yes, I've seen familiars, I've seen a Ranger's animal companion but not pets.  Where is the sword-wielding farmboy's faithful dog who refused to stay behind when her master ran off to adventure and came with?  Where is swashbuckler's cliche parrot, spouting sarcastic comebacks to his master's corny one-liners?

I started to think of this utter lack of pets when I was trying to get in to a Fantasyground's Pathfinder game.  I was in a hurry so I used HeroForge to create my character, a Cleric to some God of Justice when I noticed I could have a companion, I looked into it and found I could have a pet!  So My Cleric of the God of Justice was presented to the world with her faithful pet ferret "Bandit".  The GM turned down my application and was very honest with his reasons:  Pets don't belong in roleplaying game.

This got me thinking, why not?  Can only the Ranger or Wizard have an animal by their side? 

Personally, I think not and I challenge everyone who reads this blog, have a pet for even one game, share its sheet, share story ... show that pets can exist in the game as more than just a tool in a class's utility belt.


  1. You should sit in on my son's game. Everyone has a pet and they mourn the loss of the pets more than the characters!


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