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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, the third expansion of the 2nd most popular subscription MMO went into Early Access today.  As such, the Magnificent Witch Healer of the East, Astarra Clireach will be doing her upmost to reach new lands and new adventures ...

... see you on Tuesday!

[Deviant Friday] Kvacm - Landscaper of the 80s

Kvacm is this week's most excellent Deviant Artist, hailing - from what I assume based on his personal website's address - the Czech Republic.  A digital artist, Kvacm uses a brush full of the pastels and neon colors of the most bodacious of decades.

His work can be found on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Artstation |  Patreon

He is open to commissions and his Patreon rewards are private use only. 

Hero Kids Creator's Guild is a Thing!

As of this morning, Justin Haliday's Hero Kids joins the ever-growing Creator's Guild style of licensing that has been sweeping the RPG circuit since the DMs Guild launched a few years ago.   In an announcement by OBS:

For years, the world of Hero Kids has been hidden from view. But now, a new way has been found, and a new guild has formed to explore the Brecken Vale and beyond.
The Hero Kids Creator's Guild opens the way for game masters to find new stories to tell, for venturers from distant lands to find tomes in their native tongues, and for young explorers to find new heroes to journey with.
What's In the Hero Kids Creator's Guild?
Hero Kids is the premier role-playing game for kids. Since its release, Hero Kids has enthralled kids' attention and unleashed their imaginations in a world full of adventure.
The Hero Kids Creator's Guild is home to adventures, translations, monsters, equipment, heroes, pets, and expansions.
For game designers, translators, and enthusiasts, the Creator's Guild is a place for you to contribute to the Hero Kids universe. Here, you can build on existing Hero Kids materials or create something new. Once when you're release, you can publish and sell your work for the growing community of Hero Kids fans.
How can I publish content for the Hero Kids Creator's Guild?
First, welcome to the guild!
Your first step on the way to becoming a guildmaster is to read the Creator's Guild Content Guidelines.
The next step is to download the included templates, translatable documents, artwork, and other assets. These assets are provided for you to:
  • Design new adventures using the document and map templates
  • Translate the core Hero Kids rules (and introductory adventure Basement O Rats) into other languages
  • Create new heroes
  • Translate Hero Kids heroes, pets and monsters into other languages
  • Create new heroes, pets and monsters
After creating your content, go to your account page and look in the "My Content" section. You can use the "Add a new title" link after you agree to the Community Content Agreement.
Once content is published, it's listed in the Hero Kids Creator's Guild. You'll be able to check your sales history, view reviews, and check on book royalties using your Account page on DriveThruRPG. The My Money section of your Account page will allow you to withdraw royalties via PayPal.

the new Creator's Guild launched.  It is to be seeing if like The Storyteller's Vault or DM's Guild if it will get a front page button.

Information on the Guild can be found at the following links:

Guild Front Page

So far the only thing I can't find are the assets mentioned in the "How can I publish content for the Hero Kids Creator's Guild".  This may be due to how new the whole thing is and those assets will become available later.

OBS Open d6 update - A Silver Lining

This morning - after having basically given up on it months ago - I got an e-mail from Scott Holden from One Book Shelf (Drivethru RPG people).  While what he said was a bit of a downer he did offer hope at the end of the tunnel.

For anyone that wants any context here are the previous posts on the matter:

WEG D6: The Lost
Open d6 Follow-Up

His e-mail:

Hi Johua, 

 I've finally (!) had a chance to look at these numbers a bit. Despite the history of Open d6 you allude to, the problem is, we just don't carry many Open d6 games. We don't have the classic Star Wars or Ghostbusters games you alluded to, and unless I've missed a big category of titles somewhere, there just isn't much on DriveThruRPG currently to support that system.

That said, I'd be fine with making a separate sub-category of Open d6 underneath the "d6 systems" filter category, if that helps? It might allow you to provide a bit of distinction, at least, so you can direct people to the subcategory rather than the larger one that contains, as you say, a whole bunch of unrelated "d6" games.

Does that work for you? 


Scott Holden

My response was a tad briefer:

Hi Scott,

 Honestly, that would be wonderful as it would allow for some distinction between systems as you mentioned.

 Thank you for getting back to me!

 Johua Desa

There we have it!  It looks like maybe, just maybe Open d6 and its creators will have an area where they will not get lost in a many, many 2d6 style systems and games that are available on DTRPG .

Update (06/26/2019 - 1402)

The Open d6 subcategory has been added, All WEG d6 or Open d6 titles need to be manually added in ... as of right now only my titles are available (as I just finished manually adding them).

Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood

This completely flew under the radar most likely due to all the hype surrounding the forthcoming Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 but another studio, BigBen Games (mostly known for European-centric sports games) is developing a Werewolf: The Apocalypse game for release sometimes in 2020 for all the major consoles and PC (most likely it too will be an Epic Exclusive).  Right now there isn't much in the way of information for this one, save one article and some concept art:

My personal experiences with The World of Darkness in game form comes from the Hunter: The Reckoning games for X-Box:

My Tabletop experience is limited to that one time I broke a serious Vampire game by making a 1940s era loving Mobster Vampire who liked flapjacks, iron knuckles and could jump 1/2 a mile.  In other words, I don't have much of a horse in this race so unless WW/OP's Werewolf is like the Mercy Thompson or Scarlett Bernard books ... this is 75% off sale material for me.

While not for me, it is nice to see another roleplaying game start to get the spotlight in other media forms again.  It is always the hope that a video game/tv series/movie will bring more butts to the tables.

Dyskami Possibly releasing a Compatiblity License

Compatibility licenses are all the rage these days and it seems like everyone is jumping on board.  While once a compatibility licenses where the realm of royalty checks, dark deals made on convention room floors (or elevators) these days the gaming market has opened up to the idea that indie and individual creators are far more of a market benefit than not.  Allowing others outside the company to create adventures, classes, settings, etc enable the original product to gain more market space and so on.

With this idea in mind and the news post put up a few days ago by Dyskami, I think it is quite possible that BESM and Tri-Stat will be joining the ranks of d20 Systems, Storyteller systems, Cortex - and whatever the hell Numenera's open license is - as a community compatibility license.   While this is just conjecture at this point, I think Dyskami will publicly release their license within 6 months of the successful fulfillment of the upcoming BESM 4e Kickstarter.  The big question is while they go their own way or join WOTC and Oynx Path in cutting a deal with OBS?

Guess we'll find out in the coming months.

Big Eyes Small Mouth 4e "Naked" Edition

Before the Kickstarter for Big Eyes, Small Mouth 4e even starts, the publisher, Dyskami Publishing, has announced a rules-light variant of the edition called "BESM Naked" in a news post on their site early last week.

From the Post:
A Stripped-Down Version of BESM Fourth Edition

It’s time we revealed a little secret about the our upcoming Big Eyes, Small Mouth Fourth Edition launch: BESM 4 is actually two distinct games. In addition to the standard Fourth Edition, we are also releasing a stripped-down core game called BESM Naked that a complete, stand-alone, alternate edition.
BESM Naked will be presented as a “gateway product” of a sorts, targeted at anime and manga fans who may know something about role-playing but aren’t traditional gamers. It’s also for role-playing enthusiasts who enjoy indie-style RPGs with simple rules and more narrative game flow. With a structural simplicity closer to BESM First Edition from 1997 — yet presented with an eye on illustration and graphic design that lives up to the expectations of today’s gamers — BESM Naked contains everything you need to play, wrapped in one small volume at an attractive price.

I was a huge fan of the 1st and 2nd editions of BESM as well as BESM d20 (I was the rarity there it seems) but fell away from it as my tastes
started to skew towards Conan-like Pulp Fantasy.  Now in my old-age however, I am keenly looking forward to this.  While I have my reservations on the cover and on the choice of title (not for my own sake but society is on a hair-trigger lately) I am honestly looking forward to adding Big Eyes, Small Mouth 4e, and BESM Naked to my collection once they are released.  However, I have serious doubts it will replace the current king of Anime RPGs OVA ... at least at my digital tables.

Remember, Big Eyes, Small Mouth 4e's Kickstarter goes live in seven days, so keep those eyes peeled for more coverage and barking from me!

[Kickstarter] Tiny Legacies

Tiny Legacies is a Tiny d6 powered supers game currently in development by Kyoudai Games (of Thunderscape fame) and has a Kickstarter in progress until Friday of this week.  While I love both d6 systems and superheroes (see all the Prowlers and Paragons barking I did this spring) I am a little apprehensive.  I've not played Tiny d6 but from what I understand it may be TOO streamlined for my tastes ...

Add to this, the delays in the stretch goals for Thunderscape and I do get worried.  However, my love for semi-lightweight to lightweight supers RPGs does overcome my worries and Kyoudai seems to be playing it light this time around so ... off I go!

Tiny Legacies is on Kickstarter for 5 more days and has already made its pledge goal of $1,500 dollars.  It has At-Cost POD levels as well as purely PDF pledge levels.  Find it here:



 White Star Core edition – Military Campaign

 This class assumes a campaign structure that is primarily human-centric and takes cues from my earlier involvement with Matt Jackson’s Edge of Space rpg system (See my work for Edge of Space here).

Strike Marine Medics follow the fight and typically find themselves side-by-side with Strike Marines in UESF interstellar and Void operations.  The Mobile Strike Marine Medic is able to fight in the vacuum of the void, on enemy vessels, and on enemy soil supporting and patching up the more heavily armored Strike Marine and Assault Marine.


Copyright Daybreak Studios
Planetside 2
Weapon/Armor Restrictions: Mobile Strike Marine Medics may use knives, weapons, pistols, and rifles.  Mobile Strike Marine Medics may use field and space kit of Light Armor type but receives a +1 bonus to all rolls while wearing Strike-Armor.

Medic Kits:  Strike Marine Medics are issued a single Medical Kit before any mission free of charge.  These Medical Kits operate as those available at the Canteen with the following exceptions: 

·         Being fully trained the Strike Marine Medic can use double the listed uses of the Medical Kit.
·         Being fully trained the Strike Marine Medic repairs 1d6+Target HD in injuries.

Combat Medic 1:  Starting at 1st Level the Strike Marine Medic has the ability to remotely access the life-support systems of all friendlies in the squad at a rate of 1+Lvl per combat and manipulate the suit to isolate and provide pressure to wounds giving the affected squad mate 1d6 temporary hit points for the length of the combat.  At 9th level this ability increases to 2d6 temporary hit points.

Combat Medic 2: Starting at Third level the Strike Marine Medic may attempt to revive any squad mate that has fallen in battle to ¼ of their total HP.  To do this the Strike Marine Medic must Succeed a Saving Throw + the amount of injuries suffered past 0 HP.
Saving Throw:  Strike Marine Medics receive a +2 on Saving Throws versus Poisons and Death.  This bonus increases to +3 in Strike-Armor.

Establish a Clinic:  At 9th Level a Strike Marine Medic may establish either a terrestrial or Void medical clinic as a reward for his or her service by the UESF and be renamed a Medical Commander.  Assigned medical personnel will be under the Medical Commander and may serve as field medics and assistants to the Medical Commander.


Created by the United Earth Space Force Strike-Armor is a lightweight power armor that is capable of both Void and ground operations due to its water, air, and waste reprocessing systems.  While Strike-Armor looks typical its stellar design offers a Strike-Marine increased resistance to death and poison as well as a +1 bonus to all Strength and Dexterity checks due to its pseudomuscle layer.

Strike Armor:  -3/[+3] AC/AAC; Cost 45 credits if not purchased as part of your class. 

Deviant Friday - Raichlyo33

Deviant Friday's are back (but for how long?!)  this week I am sharing Raichlyo from deviantart.  Raichiyo hails from the Great Northern lands of Canada (or as the natives of my area call them: "The bastards who keep kicking the shit out of our AHL team") and has a playful pin-up style to their work.

I really enjoy the expressiveness present in the facial expressions and the fluidity of the bodies that Raichlyo presents.  Here - as usual - is a smattering of their work.

If you like what you see and have a Deviant Art account pay Raichlyo a visit, favorite some of their work or watch them.

[White Star] Race - Husk

  White Star Core edition – Military Campaign This race assumes a campaign structure that is primarily human-centric and takes cues from my ...