Dyskami Possibly releasing a Compatiblity License

Compatibility licenses are all the rage these days and it seems like everyone is jumping on board.  While once a compatibility licenses where the realm of royalty checks, dark deals made on convention room floors (or elevators) these days the gaming market has opened up to the idea that indie and individual creators are far more of a market benefit than not.  Allowing others outside the company to create adventures, classes, settings, etc enable the original product to gain more market space and so on.

With this idea in mind and the news post put up a few days ago by Dyskami, I think it is quite possible that BESM and Tri-Stat will be joining the ranks of d20 Systems, Storyteller systems, Cortex - and whatever the hell Numenera's open license is - as a community compatibility license.   While this is just conjecture at this point, I think Dyskami will publicly release their license within 6 months of the successful fulfillment of the upcoming BESM 4e Kickstarter.  The big question is while they go their own way or join WOTC and Oynx Path in cutting a deal with OBS?

Guess we'll find out in the coming months.

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