[Kickstarter] Tiny Legacies

Tiny Legacies is a Tiny d6 powered supers game currently in development by Kyoudai Games (of Thunderscape fame) and has a Kickstarter in progress until Friday of this week.  While I love both d6 systems and superheroes (see all the Prowlers and Paragons barking I did this spring) I am a little apprehensive.  I've not played Tiny d6 but from what I understand it may be TOO streamlined for my tastes ...

Add to this, the delays in the stretch goals for Thunderscape and I do get worried.  However, my love for semi-lightweight to lightweight supers RPGs does overcome my worries and Kyoudai seems to be playing it light this time around so ... off I go!

Tiny Legacies is on Kickstarter for 5 more days and has already made its pledge goal of $1,500 dollars.  It has At-Cost POD levels as well as purely PDF pledge levels.  Find it here:

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