OBS Open d6 update - A Silver Lining

This morning - after having basically given up on it months ago - I got an e-mail from Scott Holden from One Book Shelf (Drivethru RPG people).  While what he said was a bit of a downer he did offer hope at the end of the tunnel.

For anyone that wants any context here are the previous posts on the matter:

WEG D6: The Lost
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His e-mail:

Hi Johua, 

 I've finally (!) had a chance to look at these numbers a bit. Despite the history of Open d6 you allude to, the problem is, we just don't carry many Open d6 games. We don't have the classic Star Wars or Ghostbusters games you alluded to, and unless I've missed a big category of titles somewhere, there just isn't much on DriveThruRPG currently to support that system.

That said, I'd be fine with making a separate sub-category of Open d6 underneath the "d6 systems" filter category, if that helps? It might allow you to provide a bit of distinction, at least, so you can direct people to the subcategory rather than the larger one that contains, as you say, a whole bunch of unrelated "d6" games.

Does that work for you? 


Scott Holden

My response was a tad briefer:

Hi Scott,

 Honestly, that would be wonderful as it would allow for some distinction between systems as you mentioned.

 Thank you for getting back to me!

 Johua Desa

There we have it!  It looks like maybe, just maybe Open d6 and its creators will have an area where they will not get lost in a many, many 2d6 style systems and games that are available on DTRPG .

Update (06/26/2019 - 1402)

The Open d6 subcategory has been added, All WEG d6 or Open d6 titles need to be manually added in ... as of right now only my titles are available (as I just finished manually adding them).

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  1. Excellent. This is good news. Go forth and write more adventures!


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