5Evo - White Chapel

Limited Adventures newest 5Evo setting/resource White Chapel has been released to backers in digital formats.  The physical version of the setting is currently at the printer and should be out in the wild in a month or so.

Like the previous three 5Evo books, White Chapel is broken into several sections.  The first 9 pages are a comic that set-up the back story of the setting ... which is pretty shallow in my opinion:

"A 5th Edition gaslight adventure to catch Jack the Ripper - Gaslight anti-heroes race to stop the world's most famous serial killer before he strikes again."

The second section is the meat of the book with a pretty moderately sized open-ended adventure that is well written and contains some nice thrills.  Finally the third section is pregens and character creation.

Character creation is pretty simple and very much in the Vain of PbtA games.  Pick a book, pick pregenerated ability scores (or as in normal 5e pointbuy or roll), pick an extra skill and off you go.  Advancement is limited to a checklist of things an Archtype (class) can do.
While the stated purposes of 5Evo are to take 5E rules into new settings and genres, the true appeal is the pick-up and run nature of the variation.  As I mentioned above the Archtype books are essentially PbtA Playbooks and advancement and play are handled all on a single, well-worded and concise single page.  Running this requires a single person to remind people what dice they need to role and that's about it.

Overall the task of the setting is the weakest element of this book, but as with the other 5Evo books it is very easy to shake things up and turn this into a running campaign.

(SIDE NOTE). I wrote this on my phone so advanced apologies for any Grammer/spelling/syntax/ formatting errors.

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