5-Minute Adventures

About 5-Minute Adventures

The 5-minute adventures series are a group of free adventures typically for Swords & Wizardry but sometimes also for Next that are meant to be a quick way for Referees and DMs to run a game when prep-time is at a shortage.

The adventures are rough, typically hard and lack anything in the way of proof-reading and layout. The most that has been done with them is a quick single player run though with mid range characters (if adventure is 4th to 6th level 5 characters of 5th run it).

The Adventures

Incursion of the Horsehead Nebula
One-Page Romp for Character of any level for White Star

The Void Armada is threatening the Final Universe, our universe. Through secret recruitment tests disguised as the video game "Star Gauntlet" humans have been recruited by the Remnant Alliance to combat the evil armada. Now word has come that the Void Armada is planning an incursion into the Final Universe through the Horsehead Nebule. Suit up, Star-Pilot and defend the Final Universe from the evil Void Armada!

Short Stop
One-Page Romp for Eldritch Shadows

A short rest stop on the side of the interest becomes interesting as an object of Eldritch Might frees itself after its master dies in the bathroom. Can the investigators stop the out of control Aeon before it kills the innocents who only stopped for coffee and gas?

The Mines of Saint Giles
Adventure for Characters of 4th through 6th level for Swords & Wizardry.

The dwarven miner Feld has come to the closet human settlement bloody and barely alive. He babbles of undead horrors that have killed his mining crew and taken control of the mines. Before passing out from his injuries and fatigue he offers anyone willing to rid his mines of the undead threat 1,000 gp. Unknown to Feld his mine is the resting site of St. Giles the paladin and a young Necromancer has gotten it in his head to attempt to raise the paladin as his undead servant.

Trouble at Apegia Station
Adventure for Character of 2nd-4th level for Next Edition.

The way station in the depths of the Apegia Mountains has gone silent. The Merchant Guilds of Neark have hired the adventurers to travel to the station and discover the cause of the silence. What the adventurers find is a scene of horror not many would expect and a trip into ancient and lost places. Trouble at Apegia Station is a side trek in the lands of Usarm.

Tomb of Past Revealed
Adventure for Characters of 4th through 6th level for Swords & Wizardry.

The village of Icago once again finds itself in need of heroes or those foolish enough to think they are. Children have gone missing and the best guess is the village cemetery and tomb of the Fell family.Answers of past adventures are finally answered in this new side trek in the lands of Usarm.    
Ice Caves of the Frozen Queen
Adventure for Characters of 1st through 3rd level for the Next Edition. 
The Headman of far northern village of Ma’ark has been ill for months after a hunting trip gone wrong. Worried for his life his Wild Elf wife dispatches a group of adventures to discover the truth of one of her people’s folk tales and in the process save for husband’s life.  
Halls of the Dwarf King
Adventure for characters of level 4 through 6 for Swords & Wizardry and Next

Dwarven refugees are flooding the trade city of Smith's Head. Lord Mayor Ironbane, worried of sickness and crime, has sent a call out to any adventurer fool enough to hear it. Go to the Dwarven Halls of Stoneholt and discover why the dwarves have abandoned their ancient halls.

Shrine of Thiseir
Adventure for characters level 2 through 4 for Swords & Wizardry and Next

The characters are tasked with discovering the cause of the black smoke coming from the Abbey of Thiseir a few miles from town as well as why the bells of the Abbey have stopped ringing.

What Auto Dug Up
Adventure for characters level 1 through 3 for Swords & Wizardry

The characters are hired to find out why an historical survey team has not sent back any reports in nearly two weeks.

The House That Wasn't Built
Adventure for characters level 3 through 6 for Swords & Wizardry

A lone inn sits in the middle of an off putting swamp. no other guests can be found and the doors and rooms keep shifting, changing and vanishing. Can the party survive the night or find their way out.

Three Knocks at the Crypt Door
Adventure for characters level 3 through 6 for Swords & Wizardry

A fire breaks out in the Temple of Balance. Two of the three clerics who care for the temple are found dead after the fire is put out and the third is missing. An anicent door into the vaults of the temple has been broken open ... from the inside.

Can the party discover the reason behind the fire and what happened to the third cleric?

Rats in the Well
Adventure for characters level 1 through 2 for Swords & Wizardry

A joyous night at the inn turns bad as a murder and kidnapping take place right in front of everyone's eyes. Can the players find the killer and kidnapper?

The very first 5-minute adventure from Genius Loci Games ... and first adventure published by GLG to be honest!

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