Bugul Noz Preview - Creatures of Eira

Rumors have floated around my daughter's game since her first night at an in about the Bugul Noz. Every Fili has at least one song about a foolish noble who went in search of the Fae spirit.  Every forest since has been tread with caution, every snippet of birdsong causing temporary retreat.

This is the thing I love about Celtic/Gaelic/Welsh myth and folklore. The monsters may be real but what they do, how they frighten is so much more than in other parts of the world.

Bugul Noz (Night Shepherd):
Armor Class:         0[20]
Hit Dice: 8
Attacks:  Special see description
Move:    45'
CL/XP:    na

The Bugul Noz, known as the Night Shepherd in some parts of the world, is a hideous Fae spirit of the Otherworld who haunts the deepest forests of Eira his melancholy song an echoing whisper on the forest breeze. While not a malevolent, the sight of the Bugul can cause the looker to become insane (successful save negates).

Despite the dangers of seeing a Bugul Noz, it is often sought out due to its ability to, with complete honesty, answer any one question the seeker most desires. The is aa 1 in 2 chance that the Bugul Noz's song will be heard in any forest.

If attacked the Bugul Noz will immediately vanish with an ear splitting howl.

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