Quick Note: Fantasy Grounds Virtual Con

Just a reminder or a heads-up for everyone out there! This weekend is Fantasy Grounds Virtual-Con 2013. Virtual-Con is a full weekend of online table-top gaming featuring a variety of systems and play-styles Using Smiteworks Fantasy Grounds 2 VTT. The Con starts on Friday, May 31st and runs until June 2nd. Now for the best part, you don’t need a paid version of Fantasy Grounds to be a player in any of these games during the Con as all the Referees, DMs, GMs, Storytellers have ultimate licenses on their copy of FG2.

Now, unfortunately, yours truly won’t be attending this year as I’ll be on my second trip for my daughter’s dance troupe. However, I can tell you from last year that the Virtual Con is a fun event and every one in attendance had a very jovial mentality and were very willing to help anyone unfamiliar with a system.

So, get going, and get registered!


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