Addendum to Grate Tentacles & Stone Hold (Night) – Nidhog preview

A small addendum to Grate Tentacles that fall in with the creature’s special ability “Grapple” and the appearance of the creature.

The grappled target of the Grate Tentacle can break free of the grapple with a successful saving throw.

Grate Tentacles will appear suddenly and randomly, granting the creature surprise in initiative.


In the Nidhog short adventure I am struggling away at for +Erik Tenkar’s upcoming fan-zine (I am very worried I will not meet deadline at this point), there exists a small town in the foothills near “The Hall”. I currently do not plan for the town to be a big part of the adventure and see it more like the Keep in Keep on the Borderlands. However, if the PCs stay one night a randomized event could happen, below is a sample of that.

If the party decides to rest in Stone Hold until morning they have three options:

1.                  The Broken Heft: A small inn near the edge of town. Rooms run for 1gp, however, The Broken Heft does not serve food and lacks a stable.
a.       Droud the Lame, Owner of The Broken Heft: An ancient dwarf with a missing left arm and eye. Droud has a sour demeanor and will often talk about his days in the Hall as a mine chief.
2.                  Merchant’s Rest: Is another small inn with an attached tavern. The inn has rooms on both the first and second floors and provides cleaning water in every room. Unknown to most in Stone Hold, the Merchant’s Rest serves as a fence and laundry for most of the thieves guilds in the area.
a.       Jarl Underhearth, Owner of Merchant’s Rest: A middle-aged human of no average size and looks. He is personable and helpful to a fault and no nothing of the activities of his staff or the other business his inn hosts.
3.                  The Drunken Lyre: The largest of the inns in Stone Hearth. The Drunken Lyre was once the go to place of the upper crust of merchant’s and nobility that passed through Stone Hold on their way to The Hall. However, since Thane Ghimil Firebeard shut the doors to The Hall, the luxurious manner of The Drunken Lyre has faded and the owners are about to shut the inn down.
a.       Avrentide & Hommel Smithson, Owners of The Drunken Lyre: An elderly human couple and former adventurers in their own right. The Lyre was their life’s work.

No matter where the players stay one of the following events will happen.

Screams outside, investigation will show the town drunk torn and bloody screaming of monsters in the grave yard.
One of the PCs has a dream of being buried alive. When they wake they find their nails caked with fresh dirt.
The PCs are awakened early in the morning by the town guard. A girl went missing and the PCs are the suspects.
The Party’s magic-user has a dream of being restrained as some unknown being drains his blood. He awakens to find bruises where the restraints held him
Nothing Happens
One of the Party is awakened by a scratching at the inn window. If investigated they find only a line of dried blood.


Most of these events have no continuation after the PCs see the result, however, two of the results will lead to mini events within the adventure. Both of these events are tied into what is happening in the Nidhog adventure if even in the peripheral.

With two weeks left until the Deadline for +Erik Tenkar I am slowly seeing this adventure blowing up in my face as my ever creative mind keeps adding to it.

For instance the town of Stone Hold wasn’t even in the original outline. It didn’t appear until I decided the party needed a place to start the adventure that wasn’t a road leading to the hall.

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