Ancient Titan - Generic Creature for any setting

Ancient Titan

“I remember that day clearly. My raiding party was crossing the straits to the Isle of the Mist looking for some easy plunder. It was a good day, a day of song and good hard work at the oars.  Then It rose from the waters. Like a man, but not, and made of stone and strange metals. With one fist it crushed our and sent my crew to their grave.”

Armor Class: -5[25]/2[17]
Hit Dice: 10+10 (68)
Attack: Smash (4d6+4), Stomp (5d6+4)
Save: 5
Move: 60
Special: Earthquake, Magical Resistance 75%, Physical Resistance 50%
Challenge Level/XP: 16/3,200

The Titans are mechanical constructs created by a long dead, but highly advanced race. A miracle of science and magic, the titans are clock work automatons infused with Old Magics making them virtually indestructible.

Six magically wards (crown of the head, shoulders, mid-back, small of the back and center of the chest) empower the Titans giving them their near indestructibility. Only by destroying the wards(AC 4 [15] each 3 HD) can a Titan’s power be broken and the automaton destroyed. This brings the titan’s AC[AAC] to the second set of numbers and removed the creature’s resistances.

When a titan hits the ground with either of its attacks it has a 75% chance to cause a small localized earthquake that can knock anyone within a 120 feet of its fist to the ground and cause 1d4 damage.

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