Asrai - Creatures of Eira Preview

In Celtic folklore the Asrai are a race of aquatic Fae. The Asrai are a shy and timid race and tend to fly at the sight of humans, however, their tall lithe forms are said to drive men to drown themselves in an attempt to catch an Asrai. They are unable to stand sunlight as a single ray of the sun is said to cause them to melt into a pool of fresh water.

In Eira, the Asrai are a race of aquatic Fae who fled from the war in the Eternal Lands thousands of years ago. In the surrounding of their immortality something was taken from them, and they can now not stand the light of the sun as it causes great pain and eventual death.

Tall and lithe with silver hair and lightly tinted blue skin, the Asrai can cause any mortal to become infatuated with them. The beauty of the Asrai, however, belies their greatest curse. By abandoning the war in the Eternal Lands and surrounding their immortality, they suffered in more ways then just the cruelties visited to them by the sun. The skin of the Asrai, a very social and friendly race of fae, was made poisonous to all the mortal races, themselves included. Now the Asrai slowly die out as a race, as less of their people intermingle, as less spend time together. Some have lost themselves in their sadness and take their anger at what was done to them out on others. Other of the Asrai are content to hide in their despair, crafting sorrowful songs heard on the winds of the Lochs at night.


HD: 3+3
Armor Class: 6 [13]
Attack: Weapon, Dagger 1d4 or Bow 1d6
Saving Throw: 16
Special: Breathe underwater, Charm Person, Poison, 50% Magic Resistance
Move: 1 [6’], 9 [45’] in water
Challenge Level/XP: 5/240

Poison: touching the Asrai causes the victim to be poisoned.

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