Dust Mimic - Generic Monsters for any setting

The weekend is over, the 20 mile hike complete (carry a kid on my back had me imagining I was Lone Wolf!) and once again I set to presenting things for the OSR community.

Dust Mimic

Hit Dice:  Target + 1
Armor Class: Target - 1
Attack: Target melee - 2
Saving Throw: Target
Special: Mimic
Move: 12 [60']
Alignment: Neutrality
Challenge Level/XP: Target +1

Dust Mimics are a sentient, hive-minded, creature that look like the dust coating a room. The Dust Mimic Sustains itself by breaking down its victim and feeding off the energy created during the breaking down process.

The Dust Mimic can copy all physical aspects and traits of its target and attack with a copy of the target's own weapon. Dust mimics cannot copy nor use magic of any kind. A single dust mimic can occupy a 10x10 square space in their natural form.

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